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NEO N3 & FlamingoFinance

0:10 In this video today, I am going to show you, how you can convert your neo, your gas. 0:20 And you're flamengo from the legacy, neo wallets to the N three. And I'm going to be showing you how to do it via a ledger. You don't have a ledger. Then you kind of piece that together and, and do it w...

In this video today, I am going to show you, how you can convert your neo, your gas.
And you're flamengo from the legacy, neo wallets to the N three. And I'm going to be showing you how to do it via a ledger. You don't have a ledger. Then you kind of piece that together and, and do it with whatever wallet you have. But the first thing we're gonna do is we are going to use the Neon wallet.
And some people are aware, or they're not aware, But if you have your ledger connected to the Neon wallet, you can use the ...
Wallet with your ledger, and it's the same thing. So you swap it back and forth, and that's what we're going to be doing in a way But You don't have to just use the Neon wallet.
You can use the ...
Wallet when you have a letter So that's why it's great to use a hardware wallet And You gotta use ledger if you want to use a hardware wallet so you download the Neon wallet?
Click on Legacy because we're gonna look at your old coins Or the and to Version two we're gonna click on Leger make sure you have your ledger app opened It's going to go through and get the addresses.
So there we have the wallet address, We're going to click Login.
And you'll see that I have three neo some flamingo and some gas.
The Flamengo, we're not going to be able to swap out into Neo three. That's going to be later on in the video, on how to do that. So, the first thing we're going to want to do is look at the migration.
one thing that I needed to remind you before we started, was, you will need the neo N three app, as well as the neo legacy app on your ledger before you start this process. So, here's a short clip on how to easily do that. You gotta have both of those apps on your ledger before you start the process.
Now, I'm going to show you how you can get the N three app onto your ledger, because that's what you're going to need to do.
So, login the ledger live, go into the manager, then you can say, neo in the app catalog. And you should have this one.
So, you can see it's installed, now, near the neo and three click Install, go through the process, have it installed, and then you'll be ready for the next part.
And it's going to ask you to connect your Leger device, which you already have, but you're in the N two older app on the ledger, so you're going to want to quit out of that.
And look for.
That you just installed, It's a little bit different.
The icon.
I'm selecting that.
There we have it.
We have this wallet address, and we're going to say, continue.
And this is the wallet address that I am going to just, whoops, I'm going to copy, just so I have that for my references.
And we're gonna go through this, select a token to migrate. You can migrate using multiple transactions in the Neon wallet, so you don't feel obligated to migrate all of your assets in a single event. If you aren't comfortable doing so, when I originally did it, I did 10 the first time, and then I did the rest, just so that I could feel comfortable. But we only have, I believe it was three, so we're gonna do three.
Just know if you have lots of neo transactions.
More likely gas.
You might run into an issue where you, it says that it can't handle the number of, that it's too large.
I don't remember the exact error, but it's because there are so many gas deposits because you know, there's they trickle in over time on the The and two Network And basically the way around that is to send Chunks of Gas to yourself in your old wallet.
Well, this wallet and the end to wallet, I Can show you how to do that because I already did that, But It's basically, You know, sending 100 gas to yourself or 10 gas yourself. Just see you. You get that that error, so we're going to say Max. We're going to say, Continue.
Now, you are about to migrate N three from this to here.
OK, and the fee is going to be one gas.
It seems kind of expensive, but what do you do?
Most users should receive their tokens on the neo N three, within 30 minutes.
However, some migrations may take up to 24 hours. So what we're going to do, is we're going to unlock.
ARR Leger, using the neo two, not the neo three, because it's going from here, two here.
So what we have to do is approve the layer, sorry, not layer, the N two network. So we're gonna get out of the N three.
Back into the Neo, to on my ledger.
And now it's going to unlock it.
We're going to say, confirm, going to sign the transaction except.
There we go a little confetti wooed like New Year's all over again. So right now it may take a little bit of time.
I'll have to see.
Look at the activity.
Looks like I'm going to have to get a little bit more gas, because I am out of gas. I spent that.
And it's just going to take a bit of time, too.
Get into, from no 2, 2, 9, 3. So we're in the legacy, legacy, meaning older?
And let's go take a look at the new wallet. So we're going to log out.
We're going to go into the N three side of things.
You need to go into the N three on your ledger jer ger lot of back and forth, back and forth. But, but to do it. So, we get, I'm now in the N three on my ledger.
We're going to click on leger, we're going to click, this is the one login.
K may take a little bit of time, so, we're just going to let that do its thing, and, I'll be back in a little bit.
OK, we are in the and three wallet with this Adress.
And you can see that the three Neo have been converted. I think it took about 15 minutes or so.
I was doing other things behind the, behind the scenes, but it wasn't a half an hour.
So, there are your three MEO, we're basically going to be doing almost the exact same thing with gas, the thing you have to remember, and we're going to get out of here, so, we're going to say, log out.
The thing that you have to remember is that when you do it with your gas, you need to give a little. Or you need to have a little bit agas remain in your wallet so, that you can convert convert, convert your flamingo.
So, I'm going to get out of this, and into the Legacy.
We're now in the Legacy App.
And, I have 100 Flamengo, and I did add some more gas, because I didn't know it was going to cost one gas to have your Neo converted.
Um, I think when you have larger number of Neo, it may be free.
Should have thought of that, before I put that number in, but, that's just one gas, $6. So, the next thing you're gonna want to do, is convert your gas, and it's the same process that you need to go through. So, you would go to Migration.
That is what has been migrated already, to go in and change the app.
To the N three P B proves that that is the Correct, correct, correct, Right.
OK, we're going to say continue.
This time, it's gas. I'm not going to put Max.
I'm just going to do two we're going to see if it's really expensive.
I'm not necessarily going to do any until I Use the gas to, to help move the flamengo.
So right now, we will do to Continue Yeah, there's going to be one gas fee.
Um, I am not going to do it.
So, this is the same process that we did before.
The app that's currently open is the N three. You need to go ahead and open the N two, which is the legacy app.
And, that's, you have to go back to the end to or the legacy app, because you're sending it from here to hear and you have to approve it on the legacy app, on your ledger.
So, that's it on the gas.
I'm going to stop for now. And, we'll start up and I'll show you how to do your flamingo.
Pay this next part to convert flamingo 2 and three, or the, you know, Neil, three.
You cannot use a ledger to do that.
You need to have a O three or a neo line wallet to use that, and right now, the O three wallet does not support the N three app on the ledger.
Maybe in the near future, it will, but if you want to do it today, you can't. So to get around that, what you have to do is you have to create a soft wallet. I'm going to show you the, the O three just because that's what I feel comfortable with. And what you have to do is, you have to say, create new wallet.
So, I'm gonna go through the process Just to show you.
And so, what you need to do is, you need to select the Neon, or, sorry, the neo N three.
Next, we're going to say.
four and three passphrase.
OK, Going to create it.
We're going basically, you can say backup right now if you'd like, Um, and this will show you your public address, your encrypted key, in your private key.
And what I recommend, if you've taken my Cybersecurity class, you'll know how to do it.
If you haven't, I recommend giving multiple thumb drives that are encrypted.
So you have backup, But you are going to need to put this private key someplace.
And I'm not going to tell you how to do that in this video, because it's a longer process, but when I show you this private key, and you have to put a password in. I'm not going to use this one in my example. I create a different one.
This is going to be the private key that you have to store someplace, because if this computer decided to leave me, and I'd never see it again, I would never see these coins that are I'm about to do.
If you steak Neo gas, flamingo.
You can't use a ledger to do it, on the N three Network.
I wish she could, but you can't right now.
When the O three group decides to support Leger and the N three app, then we'll be able to put it on the ledger, But right now, they, You can't I've e-mailed them quite a while ago asking when, and of course, I haven't heard back, who knows.
But you need to store this private key someplace because the next process that we're going to do is going to not be on a ledger hardware wallet.
And if you decide to steak your like I said now, Neo, flamingo gas, whatever you're gonna have to use this while, you're not gonna be able to use the ledger.
So what we're gonna do is, I will come back, and I'll show you.
OK, I have created a new N three wallet, the private key.
And here it is, Well, you can tell that says neo N three video example, and it is on the N three main net.
So here is the wallet.
Now, you're asking yourself, how do we get it from N two to N three for flamengo?
I'm going to show you, we're gonna do is we're gonna move this aside and just to say, OK, yeah, we're gonna move this aside. But I am going to show you something.
Let me get back into the example.
And so, here is the neo N three upgrade.
This is on the main net, which is the two main that, as you remember, there's 5.9, 3 5 gas, and 100 flamengo. And that's what we're trying to convert over.
And you're saying to yourself right now, well, what about the Neon while it was on the Neon Wallach?
Well, it's the same thing.
I'm just different way of looking at things. So, what we're gonna do is, we're going to bring over this.
So, you can see the this is what we're using in this example before we have in 100 flamingo.
And the 5.935.
And you can view it either way in the O three.
Or the Neon wallet because you're using ledger. So, let's take that off to the side.
To close.
Neon Wallet, we're going to move this off to the side, And you have to go to a site called N E P.
Migration dot com, any P is the, it's like a ERC 20. They call it any P five. And I believe you need to go, take it to an EP 17.
So what you have to do is you have to first have your three wallet open and we're going to connect the wallet, We're going to select the ... three.
Off to the side, I will select the, oh, three, that has the, it's the version two.
So we're going to check that.
You're going to see that I have some flamingo OK.
So we're going to do Max.
And this is the address for the N two, and we need to select the N three address.
Well the reason why had you create the N three wallet address on the O three wallet, so many zeroes so many ends. You need to select that particular wallet.
So we're gonna click select and you can't see it right now.
But there's the popup and this is the wallet address for the one that we just created, which is the N three wallet and we're going to say select, and that pretty much is the, the address for it.
Let me get that back up so you can kind of see that.
Switch to it, Video example.
Just see, you know, I may have to go back, but it is the N seven G, then it's gonna give me next, it's gonna cost me one gas.
That's why we had to leave some gas in there.
Say Next.
You need to go in sign this leger.
OK, it's migrating This one probably took about 15 minutes or so. You can see that there was a hash.
If you Just click on the View details, that'll kind of show you what's going on down here. And this does have a hash And so that means.
FLN Is in the N three main net, which is the neo three? And this is where you can do whatever you want.
You can keep it here.
You can send it to your Leger.
You can't connect your leger here, so you have to go back to Boy, this, this really does get confusing.
Um, There is that wallet, you can send it.
There's your hearing none leger, Secured, N three Neil Wallet, you can keep it there or you can send it back to your leger secured N three wallet, here's the the Neo.
It didn't send the gas, But there would be gas, if you had it there. Remember, I didn't want to spend one gas, justice, and a couple of gas, And I was going to need some for the Neo. And, or for the flamengo conversion.
So, E, these are two different wallets.
You can send your flamengo from here, to this Wallet, if you want.
In fact, let me go ahead and do that.
So, I'm gonna get a copy.
This, I'm going to take my flamingo.
I don't have any gas, so I can't do it.
That is one of the issues. So if I do try to send it.
Do next, I do SLM, and I do 100% do review.
And I think it's going to scream at me. Yeah.
So, it is kind of complex, there's many moving parts to this.
I'm around Jetta Red's around, you can book some time with us, if you want, but here's the video That kinda throws you through the process and you can then convert your gas, you can send some gas over here, Then you can take this F LM and bring it back to the ledger secured and three wallet over here, and you'll all be happy as a clam. So that's it for now.
Have a great day.

0:12 In today's video, I'm going to go over how you can add liquidity to Flamengo Finance, and when you add that liquidity, you can then stake the coin that's created after you and liquidity. Unlike other platforms, when you stake on flamingo Finance, you need to add liquidity to a pool, and then y...

In today's video, I'm going to go over how you can add liquidity to Flamengo Finance, and when you add that liquidity, you can then stake the coin that's created after you and liquidity. Unlike other platforms, when you stake on flamingo Finance, you need to add liquidity to a pool, and then you need to stake that coin. You can't just steak flamingo directly or Neo or gas. And I'll walk you through the process. Some of the things, and I'm not going to cover our, how to convert your coins from neo two to neo three, I did a previous video on that.
The other thing that I'm not going to really cover is you need to do your own, due diligence on what it means to add liquidity to a platform.
What potentially in permanent loss means when you add liquidity to a platform. So, those are some of the things that you're going to need to understand. And I'm just going to show you the process of how to do that. The other thing that you also need to be aware of, is typically, I'm always about hardware wallet. Hardware wallet, hardware wallet is a hardware wallet, and everything. Well, right now, you can't use a hardware wallet. When you want to stake on flamingo, the new flamingo Finance, you can with the legacy, but the legacy you're not earning anything anymore. And that's why I'm doing this video.
So, what you're going to need to do is create a wallet on your own.
That was also in the converting neo to, to neo three video that I did, I briefly showed you how to create a wallet. That, unfortunately, is not leger protected.
Hopefully, O three will get their act together and get us a wallet that we can steak, that we can hold, and three neo version three in. But right now we can't.
So, we'll use this wallet as an example.
So the first thing you're gonna need to do is visit flamingo dot Finance, and I know it sounds strange, but you're gonna need to hit convert and convert. You can do many things. You can convert, You can wrap unwrap our liquidity, remove liquidity, steak, and Unstack, So everything really happens under convert. When you stake things, you can go ahead and see what the earnings are for that.
So, as an example today, what we're gonna do is go through, and I am going to steak the combination of gas and flamengo and nio and flamingo.
And I'll get started on that right away. So, their Pulse pretty good returns flamengo in Neo.
It's about 61% and flamingo in gas is a bit better at 88, sorry, 80% early, 81%. So, what we're going to first need to do is make sure that you have the coins in your wallet.
This be neo right here, I sent some over, and because Neo needs to be in whole numbers.
When I Unwrapped, the BTO, this was leftover the zero point sixty nine, the Have to Be Neo, cannot be zero point anything. It just needs to be whole number.
So, the first thing we'll do is what we're going to do is wrap ARR Neo.
So, we're going to click Rapp. Unwrap Click Wrap.
We're going to have 42, Neo.
And it's going to turn into 40 to be new.
We're going to go ahead and wrap.
It's going to ask us to approve it.
And it's going to go through and do that process.
one thing in preparing for this video that I found was Flamengo finance gets stuck a little bit. Meaning, it may not reflect what has happened in the wallet.
And so, to get around that, you can refresh the Flamengo Finance page, but the O three wallet has its own issues where we've done something, but to reflect.
It's changes, sometimes you have to go.
What I do is hit the gear and then come back. And, now, everything is been wrapped.
So, the next thing we're going to do after wrapping neo is we aren't going to go ahead and add some liquidity.
So, what we want to do is we're under convert.
Under wrap and unwrap, we will go down and say add liquidity. There are different pools that you can add liquidity for.
You can make a selection of what you want, the ones that I'm going to show today ARR Flamengo and Neil.
And flamingo and Gas, because flamingo in gas has a better return of 80% as compared to 61%.
I'm going to steak as much flamingo as I can with gas We're going to go ahead and select that.
I have 10 gas available to me, so, I'm going to click that, and I need to keep some gas so that I can do other transactions.
So, I'm just going to steak oil, not steak, add 10 to liquidity pool, and let's see if this, I kinda reflect, OK, it's saying to at least keep one.
So, we're gonna go ahead and add nine, which then would change how much flamingo is going to be added.
You have to add liquidity pairs in the same dollar amount on each.
So, if gas totaled $500 for nine, you'd have to have $500 in flamingo. And what the dollar value is, I'm not sure right now, but, you can see that FLN per gas is 16.31. And gas per FLN is zero point zero six one.
And with this, I am going to have zero, 3% of the pool, not that much, but this is how we add liquidity. After we add liquidity, we will have a third Coyne created.
So, there's FLN, sorry, FL M here, there's gas here and then when we steak, let's do this Let's get that back.
When we steak, then a third coin will be created sorry When we add liquidity, a third coin will be created, and that's the one that we will stakes, or we're gonna click add liquidity.
I have to approve it.
OK, there it is, we're gonna close that.
We will go check the wallet.
And we will see it, see, it kinda gets stuck a little bit. We will click on this.
We'll click back and it created another coin, FL P FLN gas.
So, the next step in this process is going to be adding the liquidity, but to a different pool, we're gonna add Flamengo and Neo together.
So, OK, this has happened before, and it's kind of weird, and what you need to do right now, it just sees zero point six nine one Vimeo.
That's what we started out with: zero point six nine one, but it's has changed, and it's not reflecting in the pages themselves. So, if you do experience that, what you can do is just refresh your page. I'm not sure if it's brave that's doing it. I'm not sure if it's the the the wallet itself not oh three, but flamingo Finance online what?
So we're going to say Connect Oh, three.
We're going to say, nope, we're trying to.
That was the wrong Wallet.
We're going to connect Wallet O three wallet, and video example.
And then we will go back to add liquidity.
We will select the pool of SLM Neo, now you see that Neo has gotten back up to what it should be, which is the 42.69, so we're gonna click all of that.
And, it will get use most of the flamengo, but, like I said before, it has to have 50, $50 value for each coin.
So, if B neo was one thousand, you'd have to put a thousand dollars worth of FLN. Here is the calculation down there, and my share of the pool is 0.006%. So, we're gonna go ahead and add liquidity.
We're going to approve it.
And it was successful. So we'll close that.
So we went through the different steps.
We got the coins into a wallet that we could access on flamengo finance, then we wrapped the neo, then we added liquidity, you can see here, we need to go back in and refresh, and that new coin, the F L M.
Vimeo, was added.
So we have everything that we've done, And now we need to go ahead and stake it. So we're going to go under Convert up here.
Down to stake.
We're going to select a pool.
We're going to do the FLN be Neo.
Right now it still shows zero. So we're going to have to do the refresh again.
Connect wallet.
Oh three, well, it.
You can do this.
With Nearline, I'm just showing you 103 because I feel more comfortable on earth III, because that's what I usually use. Because the O three, you used to be able to connect the ledger to it.
But until they fix that issue, you can't use the O three wallet and your ledger to secure the coins.
So what we need to do, we go to Convert, pulled down to stake.
We will select a pool.
Now we'll see that third coin the FPL, F L M B Neil.
61% return I'm going to steak all of them going to go ahead and steak: going to approve it again.
OK, It was successful since we're here. Let's go ahead and steak.
Again, we're going to select a pool, which is Gas, flamingo.
We're going to stake all available, stake.
OK, so we have three, we basically have gone through all the steps that we need to do. I'll show you the wallet again. The wallet we have to update, and just about everything should be out of it.
I did have 622 leftover FLN, which will just stay there and till I need it, and let's take a look at earn.
And this will kind of show you how much value and how many staked tokens you have.
And these are the total number, a flamingo, the total number of Neo, and the total number of gas.
But, what we want to do is, see, what we have on the, the, the Liquidity pair.
We can go ahead and click this little button, and it'll show that I have 42.69 Binya, And that is State, with 3061, SLM.
You can see that these values are pretty close, you know, within $4 or so, and then let's go down and look at the gas, that. So, you know, $48 in gas, and $48 in FLN.
And that is pretty much how you stake your flamengo gas and nio, and you'll be able to see that the calculations are right here.
It'll click up, you know, on the returns that you're getting. It looks like, on average, I'm going to earn about three dollars and 67% a day, with the price of FLN, being about 33%.
That's 11 FLN a day that I'll earn. When I want to claim them.
It's pretty easy because there's a big button up here that says, Claim.
I don't really have enough declaimed right now because it does cost a little bit agas.
That's why you need to leave some gas behind so that you can get these coins unstained, unwrapped, that type of thing, But we can come back later and show you how to claim and onstage. It's pretty much the opposite of what we just did.
Just watch this video in reverse and you unstack, then you remove liquidity and then you unwrap your Neo and, and things go back to back to normal.
one thing that I do want to share with you, that's kind of a little earlier in the video.
You saw that there was just a small percentage of be Neo because you, you have to restore it to whole numbers. Well, one of the things you can do with that extra B Neil is you could convert it into gas so that you're getting every little last bit or you can send that B Neo to someone else.
And you can add your two B and B, neo together and when it is over one, then you can unwrap it and claim one more. But, don't just leave the B Neo there.
If you plan and empty in your wallet, you know, convert it to gas, because gas, or you can convert it to Flamengo, because they do not have to be whole numbers.
You can have, No, no, you could turn it into something and take it with you. So, that's how you stake.
You can look at some of the analytics, if you want, how many tokens are added for liquidity?
What the the volume was in the last 24 hours, what are the fees?
So, just play around with flamingo dot finance, I've been using the three version for a couple of weeks now.
And I've been doing Flamengo Staking for quite awhile on the old, Legacy site. It does look quite a bit different.
Can go in there. I may have to load a different wallet. We'll have to see.
Go fault.
Let's see if I can.
Going to do that one this.
Yeah, I guess it's not going to really show me.
They are trying to close down this side of it.
So definitely, you know, when you steak, you really need to steak on the the three point aside.
That's all I have for now.
Have a great day.

0:00 In this video today, I wanted to go over something that I stumbled across because I was doing another video yesterday. 0:07 And I was trying to unwrap my B Neo, which is Neo on the N three network of Neal. 0:19 And I kept on running into an issue. 0:21 I could not unwrap my be Neo using ...

In this video today, I wanted to go over something that I stumbled across because I was doing another video yesterday.
And I was trying to unwrap my B Neo, which is Neo on the N three network of Neal.
And I kept on running into an issue.
I could not unwrap my be Neo using it through Wallet. So, I contacted Jenna Read, and I said, hey, can you, are you having the same issue? Is it a browser issue? For me? Is that a wallet issue? And he said, Hey, why don't you just send a couple be neo over, and I'll try it on the neo line. So, I sent some over, and he ran into the same issue.
So, you know, working together, we kind of figured out that, OK, well, it's probably not the O three wallet, it's probably not the Neo line Wallet, and it is probably Flamengo Finance itself.
So, I went on discord and contacted someone over at the Flamengo site, and this is what they said, you know, it's, there was a bug, and they needed to have someone over there fix it. This morning, I checked, and they they did fix it.
But what I learned, and it was kind of interesting that there is a site called where is it, here, neil berger dot IO.
So, I went to neo burger dot IO yesterday, and I did some unwrapping, and it seemed to work really well Didn't have any issues. So, what it showed to me was number one, flamingo Finance does have issues at times.
There are bugs, and it may not be you. It may be the website, and it also showed me that they're all there are alternatives to flamingo dot Finance for Unwrapping your coins. So, I'll go through and I'll show you a quick one. If 31, I'm going to unwrap. Let's unwrap five.
Actually, I guess they're calling it swap, which it kind of is. It is a swap from B Neo to Neo. So we're going to do a swap.
We're going to approve it.
I'm just going to wait for that.
And, It is done, The interesting thing is, let's take a look at the three want the other three volant shows that I did have.
there should be actually 16 That, OK 17, Yeah, because I I did a test before, and As we know, the O. three wallet doesn't necessarily like to refresh really guide that that well. But what I wanted to show you was if you have this in the future, this is a an issue that you can get around by going to another place. Now.
This was the transaction that showed when it did not function properly.
It was just eating my gas and not unwrapping even though on flamengo Finance, It said that it was successful.
You know, I'd get something like this, and it would say it was successful, and nothing would happen.
So what I do want to show you is this is what it looks like.
When it is successful, you'll get a bunch of things that, say, gas to Berger, Neo, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
As compared to the transaction hash, that just shows that you've sent out gas, and you've gotten nothing back. So, I just wanted to document this, show people that sometimes it's not use. Sometimes it's a website that you're visiting and the only way to resolve something like this is to let them know so that they can fix it on their side. So, just sum it up.
If you visit flamingo Finance and you can't unwrap something, you can go to Neil Berger and you can, really, it's, they call it a swap, which really is you're swapping one coin for another. ...
is a rapt version of Neo, and you can just do a swap from B Neo to New or neo to be new.
Excellent, have a great day.

0:02 In this video, I am going to show you how you can steak, um, flamengo, gas, neo just about any coin, that flamingo dot finance will steak. 0:16 But we're going to do it in a different fashion than I did in the previous video, where you have two coins that you currently own right now, and you...

In this video, I am going to show you how you can steak, um, flamengo, gas, neo just about any coin, that flamingo dot finance will steak.
But we're going to do it in a different fashion than I did in the previous video, where you have two coins that you currently own right now, and you want to add liquidity and stake it. And we're going to do something called Smart Steak. And so what you can do, you can visit flamingo dot Finance. You need to connect to Wallet.
In this case, it's going to be the three-d. wallet.
I'm going to go ahead and approve that.
And instead of convert, what we're going to do is we're going to do a smart stake, and so what we're going to Aye basically select First is: What Coyne do you want to use to steak, what, you know, where do you want to get the value, and use smart stake to put it in to a liquidity pair. And so, let me show you what I have.
Right. Now, I have some Neo gas and flamingo.
OK, and so, right now, I have some Flamengo, Neo and Gas.
I'm going to take all of my Neo.
All 41.
And I'm going to select a staking pool.
So, I could go with Flamengo and Neo Flamengo and USD T Flamengo and Rapped Bitcoin.
Well, what is going to be, you know, the best return, that may be, you know, your goal, or, your goal, is, I want to have some more gas.
I tend to not do the wrapped Ethereum or the wrapped Bitcoin.
So, I'm going to turn my neo and I'm going to turn it into FL M and gas.
With the 82.71 APY. So, I will select the pool, then I want to add the liquidity.
So, I'm taking one coin, Neo.
And basically turning it into two different coins.
Going to do that, it basically shows you, you're going to convert that amount of neo 41 neo into 93 gas and 1450 FLN.
Those are the same dollar value are really, really close.
And then a third coined, the F L P F L M, Gas will be created and I will get a total of 365, zero point zero three zero six, so than I do Smart Steak.
It's going to ask me to approve it.
I did talk to Jeddah Read about this and he said that he went through this. They compared the fees of doing it with Smart stake or doing it, where you have two coins that you come in with and you add liquidity that when he said the fees were virtually the same. But let's go ahead and take a look at this.
Transaction hash and see what kind of happens.
So, you see how, basically a lot happens, how things are taken turned into, you know, from the from the Neo, into Berger neo, into gas, into F L M.
So there's a lot going on for that particular smart stake. But let's go back. We'll say close, We will see that the Neo has kinda disappeared. Let's go back to the three wallet.
And I need to do a refresh.
The Neo has disappeared.
The amount is now in a third coin, that is State.
So let's just go ahead and look at earn.
And you can see that I have 1946 FLN staked against 93 gas.
And they're pretty close in dollar values 478 and 481.
And so we'll look down here, two, F L, M, and Gas.
And you'll see your value, and over time, this will change, and you will also see that right now.
I would earn about 2.17, uh, FL M a day sorry $2.2 and 17% a day in US. Dollars, which would equate to the 6.57 FL M currently in ... Price.
So that's pretty much it with Smart Steak, it's it's pretty easy You can, you know use any coin that is in the neo Network to put a sticky pair together and go from there, and have a great day.

0:10 In this video today, I'm gonna go over a few things. one is how to claim your F L M from the previous videos where you state them. And then what I'm going to do is show you how to unstack your coins when you're ready to do something else with them. So the first thing you're going to want to do...

In this video today, I'm gonna go over a few things. one is how to claim your F L M from the previous videos where you state them. And then what I'm going to do is show you how to unstack your coins when you're ready to do something else with them. So the first thing you're going to want to do is visit flamingo dot Finance, and you're going to click on the urn.
And once you do that, what connect the wallet, I use the O three F We're going to connect to the example, Connect, and there we go. We showed that I've earned 29 FLN from the last time, which is about $3 a day. And so, what we want to do is we want to hit claim.
Claim now, there's a little bit different interface that's interesting.
We need to approve it, I need to enter the passphrase.
Unfortunately, you can't yet do use the ledger to stick your coins. So, you have to have a regular O, three wallet that has a passphrase and a private key. So you'll see that we're going to claim this.
And it's been successfully complain, complained, claimed, we're going to complete, and there we go.
So now that we've claimed R F L M, So we will bring up the O three wallet, and we'll see that we just claimed that.
And we will go on to ..., so we're going to move this aside again.
And let's go ahead and do some on staking with that way. And so, we will go to convert.
We'll click Convert Down to stake.
We're going to select a pool, and we have it on two Pools, we have it on ..., and Neo, and we also have it on FLN and Gas.
So the first one we're going to do is Solomon Neo. We're going to say available, we're going to take everything we're going to unstick.
We're going to approve it.
I'm going to close As you see, we're gonna get the wallet. You got three wallet.
We're going to show that that's to a refresh, because O three doesn't easily just refresh itself.
So, you see that now, that's unstable, so it's in our wallet. It's the F L P F L M B, neo coin. So, we're gonna go back to here.
We're going to claim our sorry onstage, our other coin from the pool of gas NFL emme.
We're going to do all that's available. We're going to unstick it, and it's going to go through. We'll have to prove it again.
OK, there is that.
We'll go back to the three wallet.
Do a refresh on the ...
Wallet, and you'll see that that coin is now there, the SLP SLM gas.
Now, we have it unstable.
What do we do next while we want to be able to turn these back into neo, FL M, gas and FLN?
So what we need to do is go back to, under convert, you need to go to.
Remove liquidity.
And so what that's going to do is then take those coins out of the pool, because right now they're still in the pool. They're still adding liquidity.
It's really interesting, because it does not show it this. This site, I don't know if it's Brave browser or what it shows that there's no balance here, and there's no balance on gas. But there is So what we have to do.
So we have to refresh the browser itself. Then we go down and say, remove liquidity.
We need to first connect to the wallet or three wallet, we're going to say video example, connect, OK? So now we're going to remove liquidity.
We're going to select the pool, FLN, Vimeo. See, now it shows a balance before it didn't.
We're going to say all we're going to say, remove liquidity.
We're going to approve it.
And once that's done We're going to remove liquidity for Flamengo and Gas.
OK, let's go back to ...
Wallet Let's refresh You'll see that coin has gone and we have now some coins into FLN.
And, be new.
It's not into Neo yet, because B Neo is the wrapped version on flamingo Finance, Basically version three of the neo and three Blockchain.
So, now, we'll go back, we'll remove liquidity, this time, the pool we're going to do, see, it didn't refresh it, I don't know. Maybe they'll figure something out. I'm not gonna worry about it right now. We know how to get around that.
We're going to have available are going to remove liquidity.
We're going to need to approve it.
So what we need to do is go check the wallet again. Gotta refresh manually, OK. That's all disappeared.
So, you're asking yourself, Whoa, wait, what about B Neo? I want it to be Neo so I can send it out. You can send it out as a ... but that gets a lot of complex.
Depending on where you're sending it but what we're going to do is go back under convert again.
We're going to say, wrap unwrap. We're going to unwrap. And let's see, nope, does not have it. So, let's do it, once again.
We're going to refresh, we're going to say connect a wallet.
Oh, three, Make sure you connect.
The correct one, we are back under convert, Go, convert to unwrap.
Now, there's 42 So, we select that, it will turn into 42 Neo and I'll show you something else. When we're done here, we're going to say unwrap worked. on that, we're going to approve it.
It's adding the block.
OK, and it was successfully.
Let's just check that manually refreshing.
I'm interested.
OK, stop the video right there. And, spoiler alert, I was not able to unwrap B Neo.
And had to put a ticket in with the Flamengo finance people to see what might be going on. And they did verify that there was a bug they did fix it and I did test it this morning. But just know, I also did another video on how you can use a site called neo burger dot IO to unwrap your your ....
And, so, you know, just know that sometimes if you try and try and try and it doesn't work, it's not necessarily you. So, I just wanted to give you that information and we will continue with a brand new try to unwrap our bean meal.
OK, I am going to finish up the video that I started yesterday and then ran into the little issue that you just saw because it has been resolved and we're just gonna move forward. So, what you're gonna wanna do is, once again, connect your wallet.
Oh, three.
It is not going to connect.
It does this every now and then.
Don't know why.
Just do a refresh.
Connect the wallet.
Oh, three.
And, see, it does why, I don't, but you're not alone if that happens.
So, now, we're here.
We go to convert. If you're not there from convert, we pulled down. And, we say unwrap.
we're going to go to unwrap.
And just to show you, I did do some. They were all Rapped yesterday.
I went over to Test Niel Burger that worked.
and then, this morning, before this video, I went to Flamengo Finance and verified. yes, the fixed that they made, fix the issue.
So, that's why I have some already on Rapped but we're going to go to unwrap.
We're going to pick B, Neil.
All 24 we're gonna click on Wrap.
We're going to say approve.
And if it all works well.
We will be done, but let's check the transaction.
Let's see where it has to say, yeah, it did a whole bunch of.
Things, steps that took it from a wrapped to an unwrapped. Go back here, say, close.
This looks like it updated, so all 41. Let's go back to the wallet.
We have to refresh, head by hitting the gear, and go back up, and there we have it: there is some B neo left.
And the reason why that zero point forty seven was not put into Neo, is Neo has to be a whole number, can't be a fraction. So, there's a couple of things that you can do.
With this.
You can either send it to a friend who has Rapped Neo, and they can help unwrap it and kinda donate to them.
Or you can do something, which would be, Um, let's see, convert, and so let's select a token.
Let's go be Indio Let's turn it into You can turn FLN. You can turn it a gas, wrap near, whatever you want, Sorry, not wrap now.
Hum wrapped USD T, wrapped each Wrapped BTC rapped ontology but we're going to select gas.
We're going to convert it.
Oh, Sorry.
I need to select how many convert now?
Prove it.
And let's see what it does.
Supposedly, that was done. We can do, let's go ahead and check that.
Transaction, it looked like it, Ted, but let's go back.
And that looks the same. Let's go to the I three wallet.
OK, it did look like it took the binyam, turned it back into gas.
And so that is the final step for unwrapping yore, your staked coins, and hopefully this was very helpful for you. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.