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Having received a Bachelors of Science degree with Honors, having created, owned and run multiple businesses successfully for fifteen years, studied and practices meditation daily and having studied holistic health for twenty years, J. Sterling’s wife, has been working closely alongside her husband’s expertise to have personally managed and cultivated an impressive crypto-currency portfolio, in addition to, for the past three years offered individualized consultations designed to educate, enlighten and empower women and couples.

With a unique ability to sincerely touch the minds and hearts of others, Mrs. Sterling’s consultations offer helpful, clarifying insight through love, kindness, compassion and enlightenment. Mrs. Sterling consults with women and couples with rave reviews on imperative topics such as:

  • Building wealth in today’s world for a new tomorrow.
  • Navigating the world of Crypto-currency.
  • Building and managing a Crypto portfolio.
  • Creating a Mindset for success.
  • Overcoming your past or any obstacles for a brighter future.
  • Attaining Superhuman Health.
  • Guidance on becoming the healthiest, wealthiest, highest version of yourself!
  • Spiritual awakening


  • Private Crypto/ Portfolio Consultations:  Cryptocurrency Investing / Portfolios and Money Management Consultations, all with a “woman’s touch” –   $250/hour.  
  • Private Positive Mindset Coaching:  Sessions empowering women and building a positive, wealth mindset for success! – $150/hour. 
  • Holistic Health Coaching – $150.00/hour
  • Power Couple Consultations – $150.00/hour
  • Spiritual Awakening Sessions – $150.00/hour

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With 45 years of combined knowledge, Mr. and Mrs. Neo teach YOU how to become “Superhuman”Arguably the brain is the one organ that makes you who you are… By the time you’re 35 years old, 95% of who you are is a memorized set of behaviors, emotions, thoughts, reactions, unconscious habits, hard-wired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that run like a computer program. One could label this as your very own “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) that runs in the back ground. You want to be free, you want to be happy, you want to be “healthy” (and much more) but your mindset may be in a different program! 
On a weekly basis, we will post written blogs and some audios to help you become Superhuman through new, positive thoughts, habits and meditation! YOU TOO CAN CREATE YOUR FUTURE!!!

This will be a life-changing, and health-changing learning experience for many and we ask that you share this Patreon link with your family and friends. Everything that we share through this Patreon, we personally, together, practice in our own lives, daily. The results it has produced in our lives is immeasurable. This Patreon is our way of “paying it forward” and we hope to help those that are interested to learn how to become more and more Superhuman!