About Dove

Dove is a published author, poet, educator, and consultant who has received a Bachelors of Science degree with honors, has created, owned, and run multiple businesses successfully since 2003, has studied holistic health and meditation for many years, and has personally managed and cultivated an impressive crypto-currency portfolio and partnered business, in addition to, since 2018, has offered individualized consultations designed to educate, enlighten and empower men, women and couples.

As an Empath, with special spiritual and intuitive gifts, Dove has a unique ability to sincerely touch the minds, souls and hearts of others. Dove’s consultations offer helpful and clarifying insight through love, kindness, compassion, and enlightenment. Dove consults with men, women and couples with rave reviews on imperative topics such as:

  • Building wealth in today’s world for a new tomorrow. 
  • Navigating the world of Crypto-currency.
  • Building and managing a Crypto portfolio.
  • Creating a Mindset for success and overcoming past obstacles.
  • Attaining Superhuman Health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Highly Sensitive Gifted People and Empaths.
  • Spiritual and Intuitive Gifts.
  • And More!


  • Private Crypto/ Portfolio Consultations:  Cryptocurrency Investing / Portfolios and Money Management Consultations, all with a “woman’s touch” 
  • Private Positive Mindset Coaching:  Sessions empowering women and building a positive, wealth mindset for success! 
  • Holistic Health Coaching 
  • Power Couple Consultations
  • Spiritual Awakening Sessions
  • Now offering Sessions for HSP’s and Empaths
  • Sessions on Intuitive gifts

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Become more Superhuman physically, mentally and emotionally through written blogs and some audios on subjects such as developing a more positive mindset, optimal holistic health, and more meaningful meditation! Now with a second tier on becoming more Spiritually Superhuman! Ask Dove questions, gain new insights, expand your awareness, help raise consciousness and join a community of support, kindness and care! 

This will be a life-changing, and health-changing learning experience for many and we ask that you share this Patreon link with your family and friends. This Patreon is our way of “paying it forward” and we hope to help those that are interested to learn how to become more Superhuman and Spiritually Superhuman!