Flamingo Mint Rush – Saturday Update

Below is a Saturday update

Please make sure you update your o3 wallet to the latest version 3.4.7 https://o3.network/#download

2 thoughts on “Flamingo Mint Rush – Saturday Update

  1. It is 4:30pm MST and I thought I should check out what was going on b/c I did not receive an email when the new videos came out last night or this morning…I was never in Vault 1, but got into Vault 2 with all my NEO (except for 1 like in the video), and my question is: where do I see the accumulation of FLM? And did I get off the mailing list or something? I did not receive one about the Fri night or Sat update videos! Thanx!

    1. I don’t think there are email notifications for videos. Accumulation of FLM is on the vault2 tab. Scroll down the page and you will it see there.

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