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GLiNet – How to connect when away from home

0:11 In this video today I'm gonna go through the steps that you will need to go through when you go to a hotel or a campground or someplace where you have internet access available to you. 0:26 I'm going to show you on my my phi, but you can just, you know, replace my my phi with your Internet a...

In this video today I'm gonna go through the steps that you will need to go through when you go to a hotel or a campground or someplace where you have internet access available to you.
I'm going to show you on my my phi, but you can just, you know, replace my my phi with your Internet access, and as you can kind of see. This is my little get app that I use when I travel.
Now, I actually use this this past weekend to go see a family member, I have my new GOI, Wi-Fi six, I think it's an 8500. I have my battery pack underneath that to run my July. And then I have my My Phi, which is from Verizon and that is on battery. So everything was on battery, it's very portable, and I'm doing it out in my backyard, just to kinda show you. So, that's my setup, but you can replace, You know, what, I talk about, my, my phi will be, you know Hilton Honors, Wireless Network, whatever. I am going to stop the video right here and say I recorded this, as you can see. it was summer out and you can hear the birds and everything. This was three months ago or more.
And I do not recommend using Hilton Honors using a coffee shop using anything but your own, my fine now if you're a high net worth individual.
If you're not a high net worth individual, and you want to be safe and secure, I don't recommend using any Wi-Fi that you do not know about starbuck's, you know, hylton mariette, I no longer recommend that.
I recommend you either have my phi on your phone, or you buy a little device, as you can see, That's, this has been turned upside down.
Because, you know, I'm, I'm getting too many examples of people getting attacked man in the middle attacks, and it was because they connected to a network that may or may not have been, at a coffee shop, or at a hotel.
You don't know, There's no way to prove that you are connecting to the wireless network that you think you're connecting to. Just because it says Starbucks does not mean it is Starbucks.
It could be someone that is That's putting out the Starbucks Wi-Fi, no name, and it's their network, and not starbuck's. There's not a good way.
There's not a good protocol right now to prove what network you're connecting to the way things that are set up. enterprise.
That's a different story, but I no longer are men connecting to any Wi-Fi network that is outside your home, or at a friend's house.
Maybe that's even a little bit much, because we don't know what their network is like, so, And with the video, but when I say, You know, use your network, meaning Hilton Honors, whatever.
Stick with them.
I find you will be much safer on with the video.
So, the first thing you're going to want to do is, I'm going to show you two examples. This one is going to be through a web browser, so like your laptop, the next one is going to be through my i-phone, using this app.
So you can either do, you know, an app for your i-phone or your Google Play visit, and download it for your Android.
The first thing you're gonna want to do, though, is when you turn on your laptop, you want to have your July net up and running, so that you can connect to it. I'm going to connect to it right now to start the process.
And so I'm going to connect to my geo lineup.
Once I do that, then I will be able to access my GL lineup.
So make sure that that's connected. Yep, that looks good.
We're going to go to the admin pages.
We're just going to do a refresh, and I'm connected to my GL dash a X T, 1500, which is the latest July net Wi-Fi six. So the next thing I'm going to want to do is login.
Let me go up here.
Happy password.
Paste my password login.
And I am connected to my GL lineup with my laptop.
What I want to do is connect as a repeater.
So since there's no Ethernet connection, repeater, tethering, or cellular, I'm never going to do tethering or cellular cellular. It is kind of what I'm doing, but it's a my phi. So it is a hotspot that travels with me.
On the repeater side, click Connect.
It'll bring up all the available networks that you can connect to.
In my case, it's going to be my my phi. In your case, it might be Hilton Honors.
So there's a whole long list, and the first one is my, my fi mobile.
I'll click that, put the password in.
I'm not going to save that password.
It does take a little bit of time to connect to it.
This is now connected.
I can go wherever I want, I can go to the App Store, download this, and we're kind of good to go on that.
So the next example is on the App Store, OK?
The first thing you're going to want to do is make sure that the app is installed.
Once the app is installed, you need to select your GL line net little router and connect to it wirelessly.
So, this phone, or your phone, or your android, is already connecting to the ... Net, and it may complain, and say, there's no internet while. We're gonna solve that right now. We're gonna go ahead and open the ...
app, and we're going to say that internet is offline.
So we need to put it online, and we need to click on the offline Internet.
We need to It says right down here, Repeater STA is Disabled Let's go ahead and click on that. It's going to search for networks.
And the first one we're going to select is my, My five, this would be Your Hilton Honors is your mariann whatever network that you're trying to connect to whether it's at a hotel, a campground or an airplane, whatever, you're going to click on that, you're going to put the password in if there's a password.
Join it matey.
Oh, and, it is now connected.
So, the SOS ID is the one that you're going to be connecting to. That is the one that, it will be, wherever you are, traveling, hotel, coffee shop, whatever, And now your Jawline, it is connected to the Internet, and you're good to go, Thanks a lot!

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