Crypto 101 – Getting Started In Crypto – Course 2



My mission is to help put cryptocurrency trading within reach of everyone who has the desire, regardless of your current trading experience. Whether you are looking to trade solely on specific signals and instructions, or are looking to learn and analyze and trade for yourself, I have you covered.

This power packed beginners course is delivered in 2 parts.

Course 2 – 3 hours 16 mins

Course Discussion:

  1. Navigating Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken.
  2. Making trades on the Exchanges.
  3. Setting limit orders.
  4. Setting “take profit orders” for when you’re not at your computer, and the action has happened.
  5. Charting on the Exchange and charting tools.
  6. Understanding API Keys.
  7. Understanding and Using the IP white list (deep security).
  8. Is it better to trade or invest?
  9. Money Management basics.
  10. Understanding the 7 network effects of Bitcoin.
  11. ICO Mania and how to get involved. (Some of my secrets revealed).
  12. What drives the Crypto market.


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