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Learn how to create an account on the on Wax.io, put your WAX on a Ledger hardware wallet and use wax.bloks.io to control and stake your WAX tokens.

2 reviews for WAX Token

  1. JettaRed (verified owner)

    Kinda a niche video, but absolutely necessary if you have any WAX. George does an excellent job walking you through how to set up a wallet, link it to your Ledger, stake, unstake, vote, and earn more WAX. He also provides four pdf documents you can download and refer to later. Sure, you might be able to figure it out on your own, but save yourself time and headache and spend the $25 — remember, in a bull market your time is valuable.

  2. JettaRed (verified owner)

    Forgot to mention two things:

    1. This video does not address how to convert/bridge your WAX ERC20 tokens to WAXP. That door is shut! The only thing you have now is a bunch of worthless tokens and a very important lesson learned — don’t go away during a Bear market.
    2. If the video looks blurry, try setting the video resolution to 1080p instead of the default Auto.

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