QTUM – Delegating Offline With Core Wallet

In order to delegate an address, you need to pay a fee to the Superstaker, after receiving which you can stake UTXO’s address. But you still have to meet several conditions:

  • UTXOs staking requires 500 network confirmations;
  • The default minimum stake is at least 100 QTUM;
  • For the most optimal staking, it is recommended to divide the coins between several UTXOs at 100-200 QTUM each.

Creating a QTUM Core Wallet

Download and install the latest version of the Qtum Core V0.20.3

  • Add your QTUM to the wallet.
  • Encrypt your wallet
  • Backup your wallet
  • You can’t use your Ledger or any other hardware wallet

QTUM Commands

To find all your separate wallet values, run the following command:
Here is the command to enter into your command line to move all your small QTUM UXTOs (QTUM tokens)  into your largest QTUM Wallet:
sendmanywithdupes "" "{\"QYhLbugXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\":0.01,\"QYhLbugXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\":0.02}"
The address “QYhLbug….” should be replaced with the largest wallet address you have in your list. Yes, you have to enter it twice and add 2 different amounts.  0.01 is one amount of QTUM and the other I used was 0.02 QTUM.  Move all your smaller wallet tokens into the largest wallet you have using 

Everstake Staker Address


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