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Why Use GLiNet

0:01 In this video today, I am going to talk about the GOI net. 0:06 And how I am using my life and how I think it's important for, if you travel, if you access the internet, mainly your your laptop and, and maybe your iPad type of things where you don't have data on those particular devices. I k...

In this video today, I am going to talk about the GOI net.
And how I am using my life and how I think it's important for, if you travel, if you access the internet, mainly your your laptop and, and maybe your iPad type of things where you don't have data on those particular devices. I know everybody that has a smartphone basically, has a data plan, but, we don't necessarily have data plans on our computers, and, iPads, and those other type of devices.
Well, I'm going to go through why I think it's important for you to add something like this in your life. If you travel, and you access wireless networks, other than what is, under your control, which basically means, at home.
If you go to a hotel, if you, Starbucks, if you go to just a generalized wireless network, you could be in trouble. So, what I'm gonna do is, I suggested a video a while ago, and I've suggested a couple of times, and it's 15 minutes, and it's technical, and I know, probably after five minutes, people are like, yeah, I'm not going to watch this.
But what I am going to suggest is that you watch this minute and NaN because what? This, traynor, what this white hat, what this ethical hacker has to say, is really important for you to know.
Um, and if you are unaware, well, now I'm, I'm kinda making you aware of the vulnerabilities that are out there.
I was not aware how vulnerable.
We all are on public WI fi.
And when I say public Wi-Fi, I mean, any Wi-Fi, we have not set up.
We do not know what is what's behind it, you know, if you're at a friend's house, if you trust your friend.
You think that they have a good networking. You know, you just don't know for sure.
So, go ahead and watch this video, and then we'll pickup after the.
Did we drive dive into the, know, the technology, and why it works, and that type of thing?
So that's why you don't ever use public Wi-Fi. You always use Wi-Fi or use Internet that you control. If you don't.
If you go to us, if you're traveling or something like that, you want to just use your phone tether your phone, to your laptop or something of that nature, because using public WI Fi, this could very easily happen to you.
And again, VPNs, don't help you VPNs, Only give you confidentiality.
VPNs don't stop you from getting exploited. If you hit a malicious site, it's got like browsers zero days in it.
So the solution here is simple. Don't use Public WI Fi if you have an option.
And if you if you're an important enough employee to be using VPNs that frequently, you should be able to get approval for them to pay for broadband. Or something for you on your mobile device.
You can even get it inside your mobile device as well.
That's kinda how you would mitigate that. There's other things that will keep this from happening on your corporate network. But remember, attackers of stop attacking you. When you go to get off your corporate network, you go to these public places where you move on.
OK, I'm going to talk about two different GOI net devices. And these devices are used to broadcast to create a network in your environment.
Whether you're in a car, you're in a train, you're in a hotel.
You're at a friend's house.
No, not for the day, but, you know, staying over and having an extended period of time where you aren't going to break out your laptop or your, your iPad.
You know, these are the two devices.
And the 1500 is an older model, works just as well. It's a little bit smaller, as you can see, than the larger gray one. And it comes, well, it does not come, but you can build this. Each of these you had to purchase separately so that ... the case.
And we'll talk about power supplies in just a little bit.
So this is the larger Slate, 1500.
You have to buy the case. You have to buy.
In my case, I bought a power supply and cable for that.
I got rid of the older.
Whoops. Let's see.
The older, original power supply with it, because it was big and bulky, um, it wasn't sleek.
I can only really use it for the GOI Net, and I replaced it with, I'll have links down below, if you're interested.
But a power supply, where it's USB C, you can have a power supply that USB C, and USB AAB, so that you can plug different things in, but I can plug my G ally net, I can plugin, my i-phone. I can plug in other things using this particular power supply as compared to, I can just plug this into my, GL Lynette.
And so, you know, why carry something that I can only handle one thing? I like to carry one thing that can handle many things.
So we're gonna go back to This is the Slate, 1500 ....
The, the two of them really kind of do the same thing.
The gray one is is WI fi six.
The light gray is just the older model. There is a little bit of a price difference but you know for me, I'm going with the newer one.
Just because So, there's the case. This is what it looks like out of the case.
These are two antennas on the side, I don't have a picture. But that's where you can stick in a 16.
Wow, I have a bunch of 16 gig micro SD cards, because I use them for pi holes, but you can put in just about any size and that extra memory. You can store little apps that you can experiment with. I don't have any other apps running on it, but there are some fun things that you can you can do. So this is the back of the line that we have land one and land too.
Lan's stands for Local Area Network. So if you wanted to, you could stick a printer or you could plug a laptop in, if you want.
In my case, when I do travel, depending on how long, I will stick a pie hole into one of these ports so that I take back the control of my DNS so that I don't experience.
If you watch the video, the full video, DNS poisoning, I'm not X giving my DNS entries, my DNS requests away to Verizon, if I use my my phi, I'm not giving my DNS requests to anybody, I'm taking those DNS requests and I'm putting them on my DNS server. And the pie hole will then go out and find, or if it's already found, those requests, it will just retrieve them locally. So that's one way to keep yourself a lot more private.
The pi whole, we'll go into a deeper dive on other videos but it is a recursive DNS server, which means it goes to the core DNS servers. So it's not going and asking Google or Cloudflare or, you know, any other DNS provider like Spectrum or *** or Comcast or x-finity or AT&T, all of this.
It goes to the core routers.
So I do, and what I will show you in the videos after this is that I take my GL line at, and I have paired it up with my my phi.
This is a Verizon, my phi, that it creates a wireless network, like he was talking about in the video.
He says, You know, This is the best to use, which I agree, but I'm adding on to that. I don't want to just connect to this, my phi, because Verizon is getting my DNS requests and seeing where I'm going. This also puts me in a more public space.
Like there's not that much I like that firewall that that separates me from the internet.
But when you Mary, a mie phy device like this and A Get this one, the GOI Net, then you're connecting to the GOI Net Which is kind of like your little firewall.
Let's just put it that way.
It's, you can use it for a firewall, but it's, it gives you a a private IP address that people would be hard to attack you behind this device and this device then connects to the My Phi, which then goes directly to, in my case, Verizon.
So, I'm not using Starbuck's, I'm not using, um, Hilton Honors or marryat or no any other wireless network that we don't know.
I am for sure. 99% percent Sure.
There's the 1% and we're not going to go down that road that I am connecting to a Verizon data, um, tower.
Because I'm getting approved, I have an account with them, and I am pretty certain that I am connecting to Eva, Risin data plan that I pay for. And so, I don't have to necessarily worry that I'm going to experience a man in the middle attack.
Because as, you know, well, as this article, and many articles say, you know, it's really easy, too to do a man in the middle attack. This video, if you go through all of it, shows you how easy it is.
And, you know, I, I really want you to be informed on your potential for experience, a man and mental tech. It's not hard, like it was back in the day. There are tools that are now out now out there that just about anybody can use.
So no, there will, I will have links down below. But here is a set of videos that you can go through And this is from GL Lynette.
And they kind of go through the different things that you may want to do. Some of this may be way over board on what you're looking for.
But, this is a resource where you can learn about, know, how private you want to be. How do you want to set up your network.
You can also book some time with me if you want, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention that you really need to be careful when you are out on public Wi-Fi, and how vulnerable you are. So that's it.
You can listen to the next set of videos if you'd like.
Thanks a lot, doctor Singh.

The video above introduces you to the concept of creating your own private network where ever you go. This initial (4) video series will be available to the entire group until January 31st, 2023. After that date, these and any additional videos will only be available to members who purchased the Crypto Cyber Security class. 

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