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Crypto Jay has been a successful entrepreneur his entire adult life — the past 33 years — and a very successful Trader for 18 of those years. Jay traded stocks and options before mastering the International Forex market where he personally made millions and started an International Forex Fund managing millions as well as a very lucrative online Trading Room, teaching over 25,000 people globally, in 67 different countries. Jay has now taken his experience and expertise in Trading and combined that passion with the decentralized Cryptocurrency market and has made millions faster than ever before!  He has taken an Advisory/ Managing role trading millions in the Crypto market. In an effort to help a small number of everyday people, he is teaching others again…not only all he knows as an expert Trader…but he is also teaching the ins and outs of the Cryptocurrency market. What to look for, what to watch out for, how to build wealth in the Crypto space, how to keep your wealth safe, top coins to buy for big gains and much, much, much more!

Trading Education Course Videos

Invest in yourself and learn how to trade Cryptocurrencies. Set yourself apart and set your financial life free. Cryptos is the next generation financial system, make sure you are apart of it.  Courses starting at just $107.

Crytpo101 – Beginning Module6 hours 34 mins

Introduction To Trading – Module 1 – 15 hours 05 mins

    • Building Your Foundation – Course 1
    • Building Your Foundation – Course 2
    • Building Your Foundation – Course 3
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Advanced Charting – Module 2 – 9 hours 50 mins

    • Candlestick Charting – Course 1
    • Chart Patterns – Course 2
    • Fibonacci Training – Course 3
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Advanced Technical Analysis  – Module 3 – 8 hours 13 mins

    •  Trading On Volume & Price Action – Course 1
    • Trendlines & Moving Averages – Course 2
    • Indicators & Tying It All Together – Course 3
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Elliot Wave – Module 4 – 3 hours 24 mins

Learn In The Real World

Did you know Crypto Jay teaches everything he knows each and every week? Join Jay’s Patreon and learn from an expert as the Crypto market moves. Learn and follow each and every trade Crypto Jay makes. Join Jay’s Patreon Today!

Trust Class Video

Crypto Jay’s Trust Class – 2 hours 53 mins – $487.00   Buy Now   |   Reviews   |  Learn More   |   Watch Now

This trust class not only has up to 3 hours of informational videos, it includes a copy of the trust Jay  demonstrates. It’s  your copy to use for your own trust.

Here CryptoJay explains how to live your life with a little more privacy with the use of a trust. This is a trust you will not need a lawyer for. This is a trust you can manipulate yourself. With this template you can have many trusts that you use throughout your lifetime. And the attached video is Jay giving several hours of how he has done it for his life.

In addition we believe all Crypto investors Should seriously consider liquidating Crypto into a trust or an LLC or both. Again this course teaches you all the details you need to know.

Most people go to a lawyer and spend thousands of dollars to create their trust and then they have to rely on the lawyer to do anything in and out of the trust. With this model Jay teaches you how to do it yourself on your own

Raise Your Financial IQ Bootcamp Videos

If you are serious about changing your future this bootcamp is a must. Through a 5 course process and over 30 hours of teaching with Q&A Jay not only uncovers the truth about money on planet earth but in Module 3 he releases the Kraken, A very well hidden financial instrument that offers tax free off market guaranteed growth. Courses starting at just $227.00

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Module 1 – 5 hours 49 mins  – $227.00     Buy Now     Watch Now
Jay always looks first to the power of mankind or lack there of, join jay on an exciting adventure into the depths of what makes humans tick and how that directly effects our success in the world. Jay will cover many solutions on how to reach your summit in life and crypto.

Module 2 – 5 hours 15 mins  – $287.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
Jay dives deep into the belly of the fish as he explains why the general education around money has kept humanity broke for generations. As he carefully covers each topic he also gives the solution and a new thought process. Jay introduces the velocity of money and why that matters so much in every transaction.

Module 3 – 4 hours 20 mins  – $377.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
Jay reveals a financial instrument that has been well hidden from the masses. An instrument that the like of Warren Buffet, Macdonalds, JCPennys and many more have grown “guaranteed wealth tax free”

Special Q&A For Folks In Modules 1-3 – 2 hours 13 mins – FREE     Watch Now

Module 4 – 4 hours 7 mins. – $227.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
One of the greatest turning points in my life occurred when I stopped casually waiting for success and started to approach it as a duty, obligation, and responsibility lessons not soon to forget.

Module 5 – 4 hours 33 mins. – $227.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
Come and learn how the wealthy do it. They work with the tax code to pay little or no tax. There are entities in place the layman can use at any financial level to protect and keep more of their wealth creation.

BootCamp Bundle – 26 hours 17 mins – $1345.00  $1295.00     Buy Now 
Have access to all 6 BootCamp modules for one low price. 

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