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Jay, better known in the digital world as CryptoJay, is a seasoned entrepreneur and swing trader. With a successful track record that spans three decades, his journey began in stock and options trading, eventually leading him to the vast expanse of the international Forex market. Here, he not only established a prosperous Forex fund that managed an impressive fortune, but he also leveraged the power of technology to create a lucrative online Trading Room. Through this platform, Jay shared his trading expertise with a global community, training over 35,000 enthusiasts hailing from 67 different nations. Despite relinquishing his series 3 and series 7 licenses and no longer trading on behalf of others, Jay has found a new avenue to channel his passion and skills.

Today, he has transitioned into the world of decentralized cryptocurrency, rapidly amassing wealth and making a significant impact. He has assumed a managerial and advisory role for a large international crypto fund, with an aim to benefit ordinary individuals who show an interest in this sphere. Ever the teacher, Jay is again imparting his knowledge, this time focusing not only on swing trading techniques but also on the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market. He provides guidance on essential aspects including what indicators to look for, pitfalls to avoid, strategies for wealth creation and preservation in the crypto arena, promising coins for maximum returns, and much more.

CryptoJay extends an open invitation to all, welcoming you to join him on this exciting journey into the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

Trading Education Course Videos

Invest in yourself and learn how to trade Cryptocurrencies. Set yourself apart and set your financial life free. Cryptos is the next generation financial system, make sure you are apart of it.  Courses starting at just $107.

Crytpo101 – Beginning Module6 hours 34 mins

Introduction To Trading – Module 1 – 15 hours 05 mins

    • Building Your Foundation – Course 1
    • Building Your Foundation – Course 2
    • Building Your Foundation – Course 3
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Advanced Charting – Module 2 – 9 hours 50 mins

Advanced Technical Analysis  – Module 3 – 8 hours 13 mins

    •  Trading On Volume & Price Action – Course 1
    • Trendlines & Moving Averages – Course 2
    • Indicators & Tying It All Together – Course 3
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Elliot Wave – Module 4 – 3 hours 24 mins

Learn Swing Trading In The Real World

Did you know Crypto Jay teaches everything he knows each and every week? Join Jay’s TheBitcoinAcademy.io site and learn from an expert as the Crypto market moves. Learn and follow each and every trade Crypto Jay makes. Join Today!


CryptoJay’s 10 Year Road Map To The New Decacycle

10 Year Road Map – 5 hours 37 mins – $699  Buy Now   |   Preview & Learn More    |    Reviews   |    Watch Now

Jay no longer does one on ones but this module serves as an outline anyone can follow that is trying to navigate the coming 10 years in crypto. Jay discusses portfolio structure no matter how much capital you have and how that scales as your capital grows.

Jay always teaches keep your self in a position of winning and this module is no different. Jay talks exact coin allocation the when where and how. Jay goes in depth about the removal of your winnings in percentage and at the proper timing. Jay also discusses why these 10 years are so important for the investor to recognize we are in an environment that requires a special kind of risk management!! Please read below some of the comments from crypto students who have taken the class.

Raise Your Financial IQ Bootcamp Videos

If you are serious about changing your future this bootcamp is a must. Through a 5 course process and over 30 hours of teaching with Q&A Jay not only uncovers the truth about money on planet earth but in Module 3 he releases the Kraken, A very well hidden financial instrument that offers tax free off market guaranteed growth. Courses starting at just $227.00

Preview Bootcamp Now     |     Reviews     |     Learn More

Module 1 – 5 hours 49 mins  – $227.00     Buy Now     Watch Now
Jay always looks first to the power of mankind or lack there of, join jay on an exciting adventure into the depths of what makes humans tick and how that directly effects our success in the world. Jay will cover many solutions on how to reach your summit in life and crypto.

Module 2 – 5 hours 15 mins  – $287.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
Jay dives deep into the belly of the fish as he explains why the general education around money has kept humanity broke for generations. As he carefully covers each topic he also gives the solution and a new thought process. Jay introduces the velocity of money and why that matters so much in every transaction.

Module 3 – 4 hours 20 mins  – $377.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
Jay reveals a financial instrument that has been well hidden from the masses. An instrument that the like of Warren Buffet, Macdonalds, JCPennys and many more have grown “guaranteed wealth tax free”

Special Q&A For Folks In Modules 1-3 – 2 hours 13 mins – FREE     Watch Now

Module 4 – 4 hours 7 mins. – $227.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
One of the greatest turning points in my life occurred when I stopped casually waiting for success and started to approach it as a duty, obligation, and responsibility lessons not soon to forget.

Module 5 – 4 hours 33 mins. – $227.00      Buy Now     Watch Now
Come and learn how the wealthy do it. They work with the tax code to pay little or no tax. There are entities in place the layman can use at any financial level to protect and keep more of their wealth creation.

BootCamp Bundle – 26 hours 17 mins – $1345.00  $1295.00     Buy Now 
Have access to all 6 BootCamp modules for one low price. 

Trading Education

Everything Bundle

    • Includes all 12 Trading Classes 
    •  42 hours 26 mins of training
    • Available online 24x7x365

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Crypto 101 Course Bundle

Crypto 101 Course 1 & 2

Introduction To Trading Bundle

Introduction To Trading Courses 1, 2 & 3

Advanced Charting Bundle

Candlestick Charting Course 1, Chart Patterns Course 2, Fibonacci Training Course 3

Advanced Technical Analysis Bundle

Trading On Volume & Price Action Course 1, Trendlines & Moving Averages Course 2, Indicators & Tying It All Together Course 3

Elliot Wave

Elliot Wave Course 1

PulseChain - The Biggest Airdrop In History

PulseChain Course – $199    $29  Order Now!   |   View Course  

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Your Top 25 Crypto Review

3 Different Reports – $100.00/each or purchase all 3 for $275.00    Order Now!   |   View Past Reports    

These reports were created by BINJ Team members for BINJ Team members.  These reports are NOT, in any way “Trade Calls” from CryptoJay. The coins in these reports are selected by BINJ Team members who wished to have a small group of Wall Street professionals give their opinion on where they think each of the 25 coins might be headed long and short term.

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