NEO – Flamingo

Flamingo a DeFi project incubated by Neo Global Development (NGD) – 

A little information about claiming FLM –

Updates For Everyone – Friday Night UpdateSaturday UpdateWednesday Update

DeFi Dash (FLM MintRush2) –

Make sure to update your o3 wallet to the latest v3.4.10

Make sure to Turn OFF your VPN

The Mint Rush is over. These pages are only for reference material. 

Mint Rush 2 ended on Monday, 10/5/2020 UTC 11:00 as previously planned.  

Select The Wallet You Will Use

How will Flamingo play a role in the NEO DeFi network.

Assets: A variety of assets for amplified scalability

Market: A low-friction and highly liquid marketplace

Money: Stable and well-priced currency as value medium

There has been an increased number of FLM-related scams on various social media channels as we comes closer to the official launch.

We have seen multiple forms of pre-sale scams on Telegram, Twitter and Discord, requesting transfers of funds for fake pre-sales.

  1. The only official channel to get FLM is via Vault on, which will be launched only on 25th Sep.
    • Staking of cross-chain assets (25–30 Sep, During “Mint Rush”)


Defi & Yield Farming

What is Defi – 

What is a Defi Yield Farming Token –  – They have a good video.

8 thoughts on “NEO – Flamingo

  1. HI George, thanks for the information so far. really easy. Another question, do you know if there is a calculator or a rule how many FLM tokens you will receive per 1 NEO ?

    Kind regards,

    1. Impossible to know. The 25 million are split by the participants. Who knows how many will participate.

  2. Morning George. I know that Flamingo is no longer using o3 wallet. What I want to do is unwrap my NEO and forget the whole process, but Flamingo is no longer supporting o3. Do you know how to unwrap, or do
    I need to send my wrapped NEO to Neoline wallet?

  3. Don’t bother answering this question.

    1. No, I really would like to answer it.

  4. Just a heads up…o3 Claiming Video not playing…not getting anything…click the link and screen blinks but that’s about it…no redirection, no video…

    Also…I wrapped my Neo…deposited into Vault 2….it is now staking…at what point can I unwrap my Neo…after the staking process is over or can I do that now?


    1. Me too…Oh well George will be on it later

  5. Hi George ,
    Do I need gas in my O3 wallet to claim FLM
    If so how do put Gas in my O3 wallet.


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