Convert DTA To Mainnet

This form closed Jan 15, 2021

This form should be used when you cannot convert your ERC20 DTA (DATA) to DTAs Mainnet. This service will help you to convert the submitted ERC20 DTA coins to DTAs Mainnet coin. You must create a DTA Mainnet wallet prior to submitting this form.  We recommend using the Klaytn Wallet found by visiting You can review the video below the form for more information on creating the wallet and filling this form out. 

The fee for this conversion will be 15% of your DTA.

You should use the following ETH address to send your DTA  ERC20 token – 0xdD5464209c938C1B44B85D4B799A4715Ca063b8B

DO NOT send your DTA ERC20 token to your newly created Klaytn wallet. They are on 2 separate networks and your coins will be lost. Only send your DTA ERC20 coins to the ETH address above.  You can verify that your coins were sent correctly by visiting –

We can all thank Cryptofluff (from the telegram channel) helping us get this processed taken care of. 

This form closed Jan 15, 2021