Raise Your Financial IQ Bootcamp Videos

If you are serious about changing your future this bootcamp is a must. Through a 5 course process and over 30 hours of teaching with Q&A Jay not only uncovers the truth about money on planet earth but in Module 3 he releases the Kraken, A very well hidden financial instrument that offers tax free off market guaranteed growth.

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Module 1 – 5 hours 49 mins – $227.00

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Jay always looks first to the power of mankind or lack there of, join jay on an exciting adventure into the depths of what makes humans tick and how that directly effects our success in the world. Jay will cover many solutions on how to reach your summit in life and crypto.

Module 2 – 5 hours 15 mins – $287.00 

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Jay dives deep into the bell of the fish as he explains why the general education around money has kept humanity broke for generations. As he carefully covers each topic he also gives the solution and a new thought process. Jay introduces the velocity of money and why that matters so much in every transaction.

Module 3 – 4 hours 20 mins – $377.00    

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Jay reveals a financial instrument that has been well hidden from the masses. An instrument that the like of Warren Buffet, Macdonalds, JCPennys and many more have grown “guaranteed wealth tax free”

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Module 4 – 4 hours 7 mins – $227.00

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One of the greatest turning points in my life occurred when I stopped casually waiting for success and started to approach it as a duty, obligation, and responsibility lessons not soon to forget.

Module 5 – 4 hours 33 mins – $227.00  

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Come and learn how the wealthy do it. They work with the tax code to pay little or no tax. There are entities in place the layman can use at any financial level to protect and keep more of their wealth creation

BootCamp Bundle – 26 hours 17 mins – $1345.00  $1295.00

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Have access to all 6 BootCamp modules for one low price. 

13 thoughts on “Raise Your Financial IQ Bootcamp Videos

  1. This course was AMAZING! The positivity that flowed is forever with me. Truly life changing

  2. Every module builds on each other. I was not disappointed with the training. Definitely a level 5 exchange!

  3. Excellent training videos…great, applicable, tangible info but more importantly they helped improve my mindset. I felt my consciousness grow both financially and even in how I live my daily life. Highly recommend!

  4. The videos in this course called ‘Raise Your Financial IQ Bootcamp’ are packed full of life changing principals. You start with mastering yourself using the Law of Attraction. I now live my life daily using the idea that The Universe is the Genie in Aladdin. “ALL POWER IS FROM WITHIN”. After watching all the videos, I recommend going back through Module 1 about Self-Image. In Module 2, Jay asks several questions which will ‘blow your mind’. Answer these questions honestly, listen to the explanation about Assets and Liabilities and your brain will get completely re-wired. In summary, the ‘Raise Your Financial IQ’ videos are an investment in yourself.

  5. This is a great education on how the WEALTHY think and operate. If you complete the whole package you will re-wire your thinking , learn a lot about how you view the world, and start to see why you are where you are in life. After you see that you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to get to wherever you want to go. The trading modules teach you how to make money trading, these videos teach you how grow your self-worth so you KEEP all the money you make trading and start to use it to affect the generations after you.

  6. My advice to anyone just starting or even with experience in the crypto world: don’t make a move until you go thru these videos.

    Jay’s down-to-earth, truthful style of teaching comes from over 20 years in the investment world, but the best part? You learn how to master yourself before you can ever hope to master crypto. (That will make more sense later – trust me.

    Jay has become my coach and I trust him. I gave up chasing the next YouTube “guru” and shiny-object-syndrome. Why? Because Jay is right 80%+ and he is a no-hype, straight to the point kind of guy. His values resonate with mine, and I just flat out trust him.

    He does NOT have to do this, and for the pittance he asks for the fee – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He does this out of his genuine heart to help others become free. PERIOD.

    Thanks once again Jay for all you do.

  7. The Financial Bootcamp videos are truly lifechanging – you will look at the world differently and have a greater appreciation of how the “other half” live their life. This series is a very valuable investment in yourself as a person that will change you and how you will look at the world.
    Life changing and Level 5 throughout

  8. Raise Your Financial IQ Bootcamp is more than just finances – it is a re-education on how to think. This bootcamp is specifically designed to help you and I believe the truth – we are divine. There is a creativity we possess with which we turn thoughts into things. We reap what we sow applies just as much to the thoughts in our minds as it does a seed in the ground. Yes, you will come away from this investment in yourself with a greater financial IQ. You also will be able to apply the principals you learn here in every area of your life. My relationships, career, spiritual life, finances, and future are better because I chose this investment in myself.

  9. The bootcamp was a fantastic education, opened my eyes to the Global issues and focus on creating a better circle for myself. 5*5* all the way.

  10. I have taken ALL of the Bootcamp series and the Trust Class and have been following Jay Sterling for almost three years. Being new to crypto they were a big stretch for me. I already have a PhD from an accredited university. The sum total of all these classes, boot camp etc from Jay Sterling and his guests in my experience almost equals getting another PhD in Cryptocurrency. And, like my PhD, it has taken almost three years to acquire it. And, like my PhD, at the end of it, I realize how much I don’t know, almost. I have not seen any instruction like these classes available anywhere else. Additionally for years I have been a certified instructor for one of the three-letter agencies for the US Government. Without qualification I can say that these classes are the finest I have seen for online instruction, anywhere.

  11. Thank you Jay for being the very best coach, one of the best investments i have ever made in myself .
    can’t say enough, but if you’re looking for a clear path, here it is.
    Cheers Jay for everything.

  12. Get this while you can! Amazing!! This will change your life and financial position in life if applied! So very happy i invested in everyone of these courses of Financial IQ. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  13. This has to be the best course I have ever taken in my life, the financial boot camps series is a must for new traders and veteran traders alike. Not only does the boot camp apply to trading, but more importantly to everyday life . This course is DEFINITELY a tool I want in my life toolbox .

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