Preview – CryptoJay’s 10 year road map to the new decacycle that started Nov 2020

Jay no longer does one on ones but this module serves as an outline anyone can follow that is trying to navigate the coming 10 years in crypto. Jay discusses portfolio structure no matter how much capital you have and how that scales as your capital grows.

Jay always teaches keep your self in a position of winning and this module is no different. Jay talks exact coin allocation the when where and how. Jay goes in depth about the removal of your winnings in percentage and at the proper timing. Jay also discusses why these 10 years are so important for the investor to recognize we are in an environment that requires a special kind of risk management!! Please read below some of the comments from crypto students who have taken the class.

CryptoJay’s 10 year road map to the new decacycle that started Nov 2020 – 5 hours 37 mins – $699.00     

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4 thoughts on “Preview – CryptoJay’s 10 year road map to the new decacycle that started Nov 2020

  1. Jay’s 10 year roadmap video is essential viewing for both new and veteran crypto investors. The roadmap gives investors a long-term trade plan to follow. You will: (1) learn about the Bitcoin cycles (2) Get a Bitcoin Elliott Wave count for the next 10 – 12 years, understand the potential long-term returns in the ‘more of a guarantee’ top coins and (4) know the timelines of when to take profit and re-enter the crypto market. You will have everything you need for the next 10 years of crypto Bull and Bear markets. Thank you Jay for absolutely ‘nailing it’ on this educational video.

  2. I knew I should have purchased this when I saw it! I wasn’t ready to receive the wisdom and passed. I should have. Congrats for biting the bullet and making it happen! I will be purchasing this.

  3. I did my first one on one with Jay two years ago. To get an opportunity to do this refresher was amazing! I went from 5 figures to seven figures from the first one on one and now I have a roadmap for the next 10 years! I can assure you if you follow the road map you will create wealth you never thought was possible. Best of all, it is simple to follow! You won’t find a better deal on the planet.

  4. This program was / is instrumental in prioritizing my actions steps. As a rookie to the crypto world there is so much to learn. CryptoJay’s 10 year road map helped clear a path giving me the tools to create a plan that I could follow.

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