Preview – CryptoJay’s 10 year road map to the new decacycle that started Nov 2020

CryptoJay’s 10 year road map to the new decacycle that started Nov 2020 – 5 hours 37 mins – $699.00 

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CryptoJay, an experienced trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast, shared his 10-year roadmap to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing. He kicked off by emphasizing his extensive trading experience, discussing both his successful and unsuccessful days, asserting that he learnt valuable lessons from these experiences.

CryptoJay presented a strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies, focusing on a diversified approach and discussing the importance of investing in Ethereum. He articulated that Ethereum should be considered a priority over Bitcoin due to its relatively stable growth and the potential for higher returns. He cautioned that investors should always have calculated risks and informed decisions while investing.

He further discussed storing value in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), recommending storing in assets that will gain value over time, such as gold, land, or cryptocurrencies. CryptoJay made a case for periodic profit-taking from investments, storing these profits in assets of value, and then re-investing in new cycles.

CryptoJay also addressed the concept of self-worth and mindset in successful trading. He argued that people often don’t see themselves as capable of significant wealth, which holds them back from seizing lucrative opportunities. He suggested taking breaks during bear markets and investing in one’s store of value during these periods.

In his session, he also discussed profit-taking strategy, cycle investments, and portfolio rebuilding. He shared his own experiences and strategies for doing so, emphasizing that this could result in rebuilding one’s portfolio multiple times after 2021.

Finally, CryptoJay engaged with his audience, answering questions about travel investment, building and keeping wealth, and multiplying investment returns. He touched on various topics like the Infinity Banking Concept, trust management, liquidity swap, and concluded his session by discussing the controversial topic of vaccination.

Summary of 1st Hour

The speaker, Jay, begins the seminar by asking for the audience’s undivided attention as he presents his 10-year roadmap for success in cryptocurrency investment. He emphasizes the importance of concentrated, calculated risk in growing one’s wealth, rather than avoiding risk altogether.

Jay highlights a two-tiered approach to cryptocurrency investment based on an individual’s net worth. For those with less than a million dollars, he suggests a heavier investment in primary coins and less in altcoins. However, for investors with a net worth over a million, he recommends a heavier weighting in altcoins.

While presenting his cryptocurrency portfolio strategy, Jay offers an insight into the potential of various cryptocurrencies. He points out that xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, and xxx were his top choices, though the portfolio structure depends on the individual’s total investment.

Jay anticipates that xxx will eventually surpass xxx in price point due to technological breakthroughs. Similarly, he predicts that xxx will become a stable coin, and xxx will show significant performance once a liquidity swap happens. Jay also speculates on the potential of xxx and xxx, which might be added to his list of more guaranteed coins.

To demonstrate the impact of his investment strategy, Jay draws on historical cryptocurrency price movements. He suggests that every new market cycle (consisting of several waves) could bring about exponential growth, hence reiterating the importance of calculated risk in this domain. The speaker encourages the audience to view their investments from a long-term perspective, possibly spanning 1x to 1x years, hinting at the potential for cryptocurrencies like xxx to reach a couple of million dollars within that time frame.

Summary of 2nd Hour

In the second hour of his lecture, “10 Year Roadmap – The Bitcoin Academy,” Jay, the speaker, discusses the importance of taking a conservative and calculated approach to investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He warns against investing purely out of greed and encourages a strategic withdrawal and reinvestment process to maintain and grow wealth.

Jay emphasizes that preserving one’s wealth is crucial. He suggests that after gaining a significant profit, a considerable portion of the capital should be taken out of the market and stored in a safe digital or tangible asset like gold. The idea is to never risk more than you are willing to lose. He points out that such a strategy would have resulted in an investor starting with $1 million growing their wealth to $1.6 billion in 10 years.

The speaker also suggests investing more heavily in “guaranteed coins,” or well-established cryptocurrencies. He provides tips about potential future high-value coins like a hypothetical ‘Tesla Coin’ or ‘Amazon Coin,’ though he suggests these should be part of a balanced investment portfolio alongside more stable assets.

Further, Jay encourages a shift from riskier investments to safer ones over time, as your wealth increases. He mentions shifting the ratio of investments from a xx:xx primary to altcoins ratio to an xx:xx or xx:xx ratio.

Finally, he warns against the danger of greed in investment and stresses the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the less fortunate. Jay highlights that long-term planning is crucial in the current financial climate, stating that what may seem like a significant sum now may not last in the long term, particularly considering factors like inflation.

He concludes by saying that despite the volatility and risk associated with cryptocurrencies, there is considerable potential for wealth creation. However, he emphasizes the importance of caution, strategic planning, and following a mathematically sound strategy, stressing that “math always wins.”

Summary of 3rd Hour

In the third hour of the session, Jay gave an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin market cycles, demonstrating that each market cycle becomes longer over time. This pattern is largely due to the increasing amount of liquidity entering the market. He likened the behavior of the Bitcoin market to that of the gold market, illustrating the significant amount of money needed to move these markets to the top of a cycle.

Using Bitcoin’s historical performance on a BLS chart, Jay demonstrated that the length of each cycle has consistently increased. He speculated that the current cycle could extend up to xx to xx bars, with a potential end around September to November 20xx. This increase in cycle duration, Jay explained, is due to an influx of liquidity in the market. As the Bitcoin market grows, more capital is needed to significantly move the market, hence the longer cycle duration.

Further, Jay discussed the concept of a market bubble, outlining his belief in the potential for a double bubble to occur within the current Bitcoin cycle. His anticipation of this event is based on his observation of previous market behavior and patterns.

In addition to his market analysis, Jay also emphasized the importance of understanding and managing greed in investment decisions. He advised participants to take profits at strategic points within each cycle, rather than allowing greed to drive investment behaviors. The objective, according to Jay, is to avoid a mindset of continuous accumulation and instead focus on long-term sustainability and financial security.

Addressing portfolio management and investment strategies, Jay stressed that being an investor implies taking calculated risks, including selling at certain points and not necessarily putting it all back in. He encourages his listeners to be more decisive, observant, and proactive in making their investment decisions.

Lastly, he gave his viewers a glimpse into the future, stating his belief that the current Bitcoin cycle will last until about 20xx, and suggesting that there will be opportunities for investors to take profits at multiple stages along the way. He further recommends that investors should think of themselves as sellers, not simply ‘HODLers’, and should consider taking profits out when it makes sense, rather than holding indefinitely.

Summary of 4th Hour

Jay, in his talk during the 4th hour of “The Bitcoin Academy”, provided insights into the cryptocurrency market, with a special focus on Bitcoin and altcoins. He suggested that an altcoin rally could last around xx to xx weeks or longer due to the influx of money into crypto. The right time to move altcoins to Caleb and Brown would be the day when altcoins surge without Bitcoin.

He responded to queries about the cycle of altcoins and primary coins like Bitcoin, suggesting that altcoins may eventually break away and have their own cycles. If a liquidity swap doesn’t occur, he wouldn’t sell his altcoins until the end of the year when a significant rise in Bitcoin is expected.

On the topic of transitioning to a digital credit system, Jay referenced the film “Out of Time”, while clarifying that the dystopian elements are not part of his vision. He advised a listener about possibly moving money from the stock market to crypto, suggesting it could be a smart move but noting the tax implications. He further mentioned the story of how he guided Dick Argyll to move a large amount from his 401K to crypto.

Towards the end, Jay touched upon the idea of the incoming power of big tech companies like xx, xx, and xx, implying that they might release their own cryptocurrencies. He also discussed the concept of establishing trusts with non-identifying names to manage the wealth from crypto. He alluded to a future ‘claim process’, drawing parallels to when the US treasury targeted numbered accounts in xx.

Jay concludes by warning of a potential financial crisis where banks could call on mortgages en masse, resulting in a large number of house foreclosures. He also emphasized the importance of moving cryptocurrencies off the exchanges at the end of a bull market.

Summary of 5th Hour

Jay, in this 5th hour of The Bitcoin Academy’s “10 Year Roadmap” session, provides insight into cryptocurrency trading strategies, primarily focusing on Bitcoin, alt coins, and some specific examples like xx and xx. He emphasizes that when the support lines in trading break, one should not hastily sell their alt coins, but wait until it gets down to their predetermined support line. Using the neck line-head-shoulders method, Jay predicts future movements of Bitcoin, which can guide alt coin decisions.

Jay addresses questions about xx, emphasizing a xx% target that he still upholds. Despite market fluctuations, he is persistent in holding his xx until it reaches his target. In addition, he warns listeners about a circulating document that supposedly contains his target prices for coins, claiming it can lead to misleading outcomes if taken out of context from his live sessions.

Furthermore, he shares that his decisions on targets are dynamic, adjusting them according to real-time trends and swapping investments when needed. He insists that static targets are not the ultimate goal, but rather the flexibility to pivot to more profitable coins.

In a discussion about legal considerations for crypto investors, Jay advises against reliance on xx, citing potential conflicts of interest. He prefers xx over xx entities for asset protection. The conversation briefly shifts to the discussion of xx, which Jay recommends researching independently.

Regarding portfolio strategy, Jay suggests dividing the allocation into holding portions in stable coins and parts for further investments, depending on individual risk tolerance and financial objectives. Finally, Jay stresses the importance of possessing personal control over one’s cryptocurrencies, warning against storing them on exchanges, to ensure full ownership.

Summary of 6th Hour

During Hour 6 of “The Bitcoin Academy,” Jay addressed various topics related to cryptocurrencies and provided insights into his investment strategies. He expressed optimism about xx future and predicted a positive societal transformation. Jay also mentioned the importance of being clever and adaptable in a changing world.

Throughout the session, Jay interacted with participants, answering questions and offering advice. He encouraged individuals to explore their creative side and emphasized the significance of mindset in trading. He shared personal experiences and discussed the potential of cryptocurrencies, particularly xx, in the coming years.

Jay touched upon the concept of xx xx, explaining their potential impact on xx and xx. He discussed the dominance chart and its influence on xx rallies and corrections. Jay expressed his preference for investing in xx during specific market conditions, but he cautioned participants to make their investment decisions based on personal research and circumstances.

The speaker also highlighted the importance of securing cryptocurrencies and introduced the concept of hardware wallets, such as Ledger and Trezor. He emphasized the benefits of hardware wallets in safeguarding private keys and preventing unauthorized access to digital assets.

Throughout the session, Jay provided guidance and encouraged participants to educate themselves further through online resources, such as YouTube videos. He emphasized the importance of personal research and understanding individual investment preferences.

Overall, Jay’s presentation during Hour 6 of “The Bitcoin Academy” covered a range of topics, including Australia’s future prospects, the significance of adaptability, mindset in trading, xx xx, xx rallies, and the importance of securing cryptocurrencies. Participants were encouraged to continue learning and make informed investment decisions based on their research and circumstances.

4 thoughts on “Preview – CryptoJay’s 10 year road map to the new decacycle that started Nov 2020

  1. Jay’s 10 year roadmap video is essential viewing for both new and veteran crypto investors. The roadmap gives investors a long-term trade plan to follow. You will: (1) learn about the Bitcoin cycles (2) Get a Bitcoin Elliott Wave count for the next 10 – 12 years, understand the potential long-term returns in the ‘more of a guarantee’ top coins and (4) know the timelines of when to take profit and re-enter the crypto market. You will have everything you need for the next 10 years of crypto Bull and Bear markets. Thank you Jay for absolutely ‘nailing it’ on this educational video.

  2. I knew I should have purchased this when I saw it! I wasn’t ready to receive the wisdom and passed. I should have. Congrats for biting the bullet and making it happen! I will be purchasing this.

  3. I did my first one on one with Jay two years ago. To get an opportunity to do this refresher was amazing! I went from 5 figures to seven figures from the first one on one and now I have a roadmap for the next 10 years! I can assure you if you follow the road map you will create wealth you never thought was possible. Best of all, it is simple to follow! You won’t find a better deal on the planet.

  4. This program was / is instrumental in prioritizing my actions steps. As a rookie to the crypto world there is so much to learn. CryptoJay’s 10 year road map helped clear a path giving me the tools to create a plan that I could follow.

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