Elliot Wave – Module 4

Elliot wave in its full spectrum can drive traders crazy. The topic is very complex and has many rules. After years of studying Elliot wave Jay has simplified the topic and teaches the most simple and easy to use method. With his version of Elliot wave Jay teaches you how to track a winning trade to full maturity for maximum profit most every time.

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Jay, the speaker, commences the fourth module of The Bitcoin Academy, delving into the Elliott Wave Principle and its application to Bitcoin trading. He has devoted a month to preparing for this session, consulting several books and compiling extensive notes. He anticipates that prior knowledge about chart and candlestick patterns will dovetail nicely with this module, enriching the learning experience.

He begins by drawing parallels between trading and mathematics, highlighting the Elliott Wave Principle’s core tenet, i.e., every market decision produces meaningful information and is also the result of such information. He illuminates how market decisions taken by thousands of people create a ripple effect, generating crucial data for subsequent traders analyzing the charts.

Jay then illustrates specific scenarios of wave counts within chart patterns. He discusses the five-wave sequence in an Elliot Wave pattern, how to identify it, and variations that might arise during actual trading scenarios. He emphasizes the need to understand the broader wave structure while making trade decisions.

He proceeds to describe the idealized Elliott Wave progression and emphasizes recognizing the pattern in the market context. Jay correlates these patterns with market psychology, demonstrating how traders’ emotions often shape market trends. He reiterates that the trader’s mindset is the common denominator influencing the use of the Elliott Wave Principle, moving averages, MACD, RSI, and other indicators.

Following this, Jay breaks down the corrective wave sequence in detail, delving into the Fibonacci number’s role and its relationship with the Golden ratio. He highlights how these numbers contribute significantly to determining potential price retracement levels in a Bitcoin trading context.

He wraps up the session by discussing future Bitcoin price predictions, employing the Elliott Wave theory. He emphasizes that understanding the wave principle can help predict price movements in the long term, acknowledging that while Elliott Wave analysis might initially appear challenging, it becomes easier with time. As a bonus, he also offers to provide a free book on Elliott Wave analysis, aiming to help learners understand and implement the principle more effectively.

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  2. Just completed part one of Elliot Wave theory and as always there is a mountain of information to be learned. As always Jay went above and beyond to deliver a level 5 quality course that is well worth the money and I have already used this course to set stop losses on my assets accurately based on the wave structures and I have already made money so the course has paid for itself in 24 hours. I have been with Jay on his Patreon since the beginning and have done most of the educational courses on his site. If you are new to the community I highly recommend you buy the all in package for the best value you can get, and the best education you can provide yourself. This is an investment in yourself and your own future, the information is there so you have to make the effort and do the work to be successful.

    Happy trading everyone best wishes for everyone in 2021 which is our year.

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