The “OPTION” To Make Money

The “OPTION” to make money leveraging your knowledge in a bull market!

Come spend the day with Jay as he teaches the only options trades he ever mastered. Leap options! Jay will spend most of the day explain how everything works in an options contract and teaching you the math of how to make it work for you. Crypto is about to go on a bull ran like never seen before and these leap options can create the maddest of mad money. The asymmetric bet on crypto is leveraged safely and effectively inside an options contract.

As a bonus Jay will give out his platform of choice, how to establish an account even if your in the good ole free USA! He will also explain exactly his current set up on his next option trade that is setting up right now.

Oh one last bonus, those that choose to take the options class will also be given access to a members page where Jay will post all of his leap option trades for the current bull cycle.

Come and create some options for yourself with the guidance of CryptoJay.

Join the OPTION Live Stream Saturday October 24th, 2020 @ 7:30 am EST. Early registration price is $279.00 and ends on Sunday October  18, 2020.  Anyone registering after the early registration date will be allow to fully participate but the price will be $479.00. This continuing education class will allow you access to the OPITON Live Stream live broadcast or any of the recorded videos. The purchase of this class will also give you access to a members only page which will inform you on all of Jay’s leap option trades. 

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