Advanced Charting – Module 2

This module has hours of technical education as Jay shares his many years of experience from day trading to swing trading and how each style when incorporated with these techniques can deliver a winning combination again and again. Jays goal for this module is to condense 100+ hours of learning these important technicals into 15 hours of practical use. His students feel he absolutely nailed it.

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3 thoughts on “Advanced Charting – Module 2

  1. I appreciate how these videos are scoped to the crypto market and mainly excludes the equity market. Jay has filtered out candlesticks and chart patterns that do not really apply to crypto and I like that we can just focus on what is important in trading crypto. On the Fibonacci video I came into thinking I knew about Fibonacci retracements and extensions, but I did learn and get a lot out of it. The “long game” was a completely new concept that I have not seen anywhere else.

  2. Advanced Charting – Module 2 is an extraordinary dive into the world of charting I learnt about Japanese Candlesticks, VOLUME and Elliott Wave. Jay gives the trading tools you need to succeed immediately. His coaching style is easy to follow. I’ve personally learned more from this advanced course in charting compared to what I learnt at Universities, Academies and various Professional Financial Bodies. The module contains ‘out of this world’ outstanding information. This module will help change your life for the better and improve your financial wellbeing forever.

  3. My advice to anyone just starting or even with experience in the crypto world: don’t make a move until you go thru these videos.

    Jay’s down-to-earth, truthful style of teaching comes from over 20 years in the investment world, but the best part? You learn how to master yourself before you can ever hope to master crypto. (That will make more sense later – trust me.

    Jay has become my coach and I trust him. I gave up chasing the next YouTube “guru” and shiny-object-syndrome. Why? Because Jay is right 80%+ and he is a no-hype, straight to the point kind of guy. His values resonate with mine, and I just flat out trust him.

    He does NOT have to do this, and for the pittance he asks for the fee – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He does this out of his genuine heart to help others become free. PERIOD.

    Thanks once again Jay for all you do.

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