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Crypto Technologist since 2013

Want someone who understands the complexity of crypto technology, software & hardware wallets, security, etc.?


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Nathan has known Jay since 2011 and became an active cryptocurrency investor under his guidance in the summer of 2017. He has experience with a multitude of exchange platforms, desktop and hardware wallet setup, and staking procedures for various assets. Nathan has a passion for helping others achieve the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and secure their own crypto portfolios.

Jetta Red

JettaRed has been in crypto since late 2017 and has lived through the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market.  During that time, he has become well versed in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and tools.  He has been an early adopter of different currency wallets and has thoroughly explored many currency platforms.  More than that, he has learned were to find solutions to crypto problems.  He has been one of the admins for the BinjTeam-2021-2022 Telegram group where he has helped many members with their cryptocurrency challenges.  Having decades of experience with Information Technology, JettaRed has a passion for solving technical problems.