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DOS Network Staking


Thanks to Nate for this information. When you try to stake your DOS, only use a whole number to stake, don’t include a fraction of a DOS. If you include a fraction of a DOS your ETH fees might become very high.

Example – Stake 110 DOS. Don’t stake 110.25 DOS

You can use the following URL to stake your DOS ERC20 Tokens –

DOS Network Token is an ERC20 and is stored in your ETH wallet.

Just take note, you will be required to do 2 ETH transactions. The first will be to approve the Smart Contract. The second is to move your DOS to that Smart Contract and stake the coins in it. 

Don’t try connecting directly with your hardware wallet. If you are going to use a hardware wallet, use it through MetaMask.

To un-stake from the DOS Network, it will take 7 days. 

10 thoughts on “DOS Network Staking

  1. Wow, thank you George for this manual! Would have given up half way when I would have done this on my own. Managed to stake my DOS but had to try different browsers again. In Chrome I couldn’t connect my Ledger X and in Firefox it worked. On nother computer it might be just the other way round.

  2. Sorry George – You lost me completely halfway through. My DOS is still at C&B and I am so non computer savvy that I am not sure how I store my DOS yet, you say you can store it with Ledger, but then you said you can’t, and you said that you might cover that later – but then you didn’t.
    So, I will put off any DOS staking for the moment and book a one to one with you in the new year – No worries I hope you have a well deserved rest and wish you a very enjoyable time with your family over the holiday season. I am very confident that 2021 will be our year for the BINJ team – with or without any staking.

    1. Hi Squeekyboy – you can store your DOS on your Ledger hardware wallet, it is an ERC20 and thus you can store it there. Not everyone has a ledger, but that’s what I recommend.

      You are correct this one is not straight forward as other coins to stake. I ran into a few issues and wanted to help with this a bit. Different browsers work for different people and different computers. There is not a one size fits all with the different technologies working with one another.

      My Brave browser works with MetaMask on my desktop, but doesn’t work on my laptop with Brave. I have to user Firefox on my laptop to interface with Firefox.

  3. I am going to take one for the TEAM and try with my TREZOR as that has my access to MEW where mine are stored…..if it doesn’t hit the right wallet address I will simply move my DOS to the one it wants….SEEMS EASIER…..but that’s before I give it a go.

    Drum roll please……


  4. Ok I tried the Trezor…I can see my coins in my account but I can’t stake them give my an error (see my comments on the 2020 group in telegram.

    Then I tried to download Firefox and couldn’t get that to load properly either….

    SO then I tried to link Metamask to my MEW Trezor protected address……that wouldn’t link properly so that doesn’t work either.

    Think I will just BUY 18% more at this point……why can’t any of this stuff JUST WORK…..there is always a friggin problem with all this stuff.

    Sorry George…glad it’s working for you though.


    1. One thing someone can try is to shut down their computer and restart it before they start this process. I have found some programs looking like they are not running, when they really are. Some of these programs hold onto or interfere with a hardware wallet connection.

      For some this has been a breeze. For others it’s been a pain in the …. well you know what I mean.

  5. DOS staked …. had to use Chrome “the DARK side” ????… problematic with Brave
    also switched off Ledger Live
    and used a non vpn connection …
    = experiment with what works for you ✅

  6. I just staked my DOS with Brave browser. I have a Ledger and my balance beautifully showed up on the DOS network. However, I was not able to stake directly. It constantly gave error messages. With suggestions of George, I went again via METAMASK and staked it that way. That worked. So my suggestion to the other members: always go via METAMASK to stake when you have Ledger account.

  7. So is there any help with withdrawing George. I got my staked ones unbonded and sent to my wallet, but I am nervous about my BIG stack to withdraw as I see the send to address not matching mine

  8. So I just tried to stake my DOS, and thanks to your tutorial, it all went pretty smoothly. Until I got to the end, and saw how high the fees are. It would have cost me about $300 to stake my entire DOS position, which is only worth about $1500 now. Did I do something wrong, or is that just the way it is? Thanks!

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