QTUM – Delegating Offline

At the end of August, Qtum developers released a large-scale update that allowed all holders to stake and delegate QTUM coins. The platform launches offline betting, with which the user can delegate the address of a non-staking wallet to a Superstaker – this is the name of validators in the Qtum network. At the same time, the user retains full control over their coins and private keys, which is the main feature of Qtum offline staking. In other words, users only delegate addresses, not the coins themselves, which greatly improves security. 

Learn how use the QTUM core wallet to delegate your QTUM to receive rewards based on your staked QTUM. Learn the ins and out of combining your UTXOs to get the best staking position. 

This course will also include the Web Wallet staking option when it becomes available. The Web Wallet staking will allow users to use their Ledger hardware wallet to delegate their QTUM. Until they release this option, you can stake your QTUM in the core wallet.