Introduction To Trading – Module 1

In module 1 Intro to trading Jay covers one of the most important elements for every investor to master. It’s not what most are expecting but once educated on the topic every student has ranked this as the most popular module to date. Without a solid education on the topic Jay feels after 20 years in the space it will be difficult to create sustainable wealth. In addition Jay covers some cold hard truth about entering the market with your hard earned risk capital.

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Some of the knowledge Jay discusses in these 3 courses

  • Your personal responsibilities as an investor of any market. 20:00
  • Why the market of today and tomorrow is Crypto
  • What is the capacity of your brain as an investor 26:00-39:00
  • Understanding the true meaning behind support and resistance 1:04
  • Learn all about fear and greed 1:16
  • Learn why and how all the top investors buy the bottom and sell the tops
  • Why is is called the bears and the bulls 1:23
  • Understanding the longterm bull market of Crypto 2:00
  • Understanding the small supply of crypto
  • Why free thinking is a must for investing 2:22
  • Plan your trade and trade your plan 2:34
  • Psychology of a market cycle 3:13
  • The transfer of wealth as an investor is from the inpatient to the patient

17 thoughts on “Introduction To Trading – Module 1

  1. For any newbies to this space……do not do anything until you finish Crypto 101.

    This module starts your journey to getting your head right….in that I mean you need to get your emotions under control…HARDEST THING BTW.

    Jay has been a LEVEL 5 coach and I have been with him since the beginning. So much to learn and the best coach to teach you the how and the why.

    Awesome Jay

  2. Fabulous module. This an absolute STEP 1 module. So vital to success, truly foundational. I enjoyed and learned so much from all of Jay’s modules. I have listened to this first module multiple times in the last three years.

    Jay is a solid coach, and I have been with him since inception. Changed my life.

    Deep gratitude Jay. So grateful.

  3. Looking forward to revisiting the coursework from one location. The website is clean, understandable and easy to navigate. The journey with Jay has been many life lessons for dealing with your own money and your own decisions. He makes you think and be responsible for your own financial well being. Very thorough information in the modules and coursework. I’m so glad to have been here since Summer 2018. I have learned so much. I’m very grateful to be part of the BINJTEAM.

  4. For me, this module was worth the price of all of them combined. I had no idea I needed this until I got it. Top notch REAL WORLD education.

  5. Crypto Jay has taken my life to a whole new level. I am beyond grateful for his teachings, trading content, and most importantly who he is as a person and the leader of our group. With your help Jay, my family is now able to give my nan private live-in care after her recent stroke-what a feeling to tell my family that we can take care of nan’s wants, to their utter shock, as I’m privacy centric. Also, my Mum can very soon retire and enjoy BINJ life. I have no words that are profoundly powerful enough to justify the impact this person has had on our lives. Thank-you from our entire family. I will continue to help a bunch of people, make my circle great, get more people on the BINJ team, so we can have a greater impact.

  6. This was the course that I finally started to understand how successful traders operate. New concepts were introduced in the very first video to build a mental foundation for everything following. I would recommend to anyone reading to start here and not skip over this Introduction to Trading going directly into the technical courses. I have relistened to the first video in this course more than a dozen times over the years, but only relisten to the technical courses just a couple times. I have every course offered here and this is one of the best.

  7. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars out of 5 for this introduction to Trading Module 1. The level of information taught in this first module is the fundamental building block for the entire series. I learnt how to BUY peoples FEAR and SELL peoples GREED. This has played out in the markets time and time again. This module also gave me an introduction to support and resistance lines, how to act like a contrarian, how the bull climbs the hill whilst the bear jumps out the window and, most vital, why we should never short cryptos over the next several years. Jay is an exceptional coach for a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to take part in a new global monetary system called CRYPTO.

  8. I tell all of my friends that they need Jays courses to invest in themselves if they want to learn cryptos. I have purchased every one of Jays classes and Boot camps….Level 5!!

  9. My advice to anyone just starting or even with experience in the crypto world: don’t make a move until you go thru these videos.

    Jay’s down-to-earth, truthful style of teaching comes from over 20 years in the investment world, but the best part? You learn how to master yourself before you can ever hope to master crypto. (That will make more sense later – trust me.

    Jay has become my coach and I trust him. I gave up chasing the next YouTube “guru” and shiny-object-syndrome. Why? Because Jay is right 80%+ and he is a no-hype, straight to the point kind of guy. His values resonate with mine, and I just flat out trust him.

    He does NOT have to do this, and for the pittance he asks for the fee – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He does this out of his genuine heart to help others become free. PERIOD.

    Thanks once again Jay for all you do.

  10. Without doubt this is essential information if you are taking crypto seriously. You will learn from a very successful trader with over 20 years trading experience. This course is a great introduction to many of the basic principles whilst also covering the fundamental of what not to do.
    Level 5 training throughout – 5 stars all the way

  11. Very good simple course, where the teacher DE-MYSTIFIES the trading process to a very simple premise, and keeping it simple for the student to learn. It’s akin to learning a new foreign language where you have a teacher who can show you a better way to learn and train/bend your brain to think differently in digestible pieces. Wish we found this course decades ago, and the visual videos are very instructive that are complimentary to the book learnings.

  12. Gaining a basic understanding of trading through Jay’s courses, I have learned valuable knowledge to take advantage of both the crypto and traditional stock markets. In addition, Jay’s emphasis on “Being in control of your emotions as a trader.” is spot on and may be the most valuable aspect of this education.

    An investment in these courses is an investment in your financial future and ultimately your financial freedom.

  13. When Jay first offered these courses, I was skeptical after having paid for courses from other providers that were less than informative and expensive. After the first module, I knew this was the correct decision. Jay’s approach was clear and insightful with tons of illustrations. The Course Structure was a step by step process of learning the mechanics interlaced with Jay’s practical approach to real world trading.

    The relationship with Jay throughout all the courses has given me skills I have passed on to a number of family members. I am forever grateful for having joined the BINJ Team!

  14. Jay’s trading / charting classes really gave me a solid footing on understanding how to navigate the market
    and most importantly mastering my emotions.
    I need to go back and watch again, 🙂

  15. Wow! I love Jay’s teaching style. He gets down to the heart of the challenges as a trader. I really appreciate how much he focuses on the mindset and EQ of his game. He also illustrates some re

    1. Whoops! Continued from above. He illustrates tools and strategies and the interplay of emotions. I’m appreciating trading a lot more after taking this course. Looking forward to module 2.

  16. I think this is my 5th time listening through the 1st session.

    Foundational to get the psychology right! Jay does a wonderful job painting a landscape of the investment world and stresses (in a professional and kind way) the utmost importance of knowing yourself and getting your emotions under control.

    Thanks to Jay pointing this out I feel as though I seek mistakes out too in order to make me a better human…Thanks Coach!

    On to another trip in session 2:-)

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