Crypto 101 – Beginners Module

My mission is to help put cryptocurrency trading within reach of everyone who has the desire, regardless of your current trading experience. Whether you are looking to trade solely on specific signals and instructions, or are looking to learn and analyze and trade for yourself, I have you covered.

This power packed beginners course is delivered in 2 parts. Watch a free Preview of our Advanced Charting series or read all our great Reviews!

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Jay’s lecture provides an in-depth introduction to Bitcoin and the larger crypto market, focusing heavily on the operational mechanics, trading strategies, and safety measures associated with these digital assets.

In the beginning, he underscores that this is not financial advice but rather his opinion and educational content. Jay expresses his strong bias towards cryptos and their potential to disrupt traditional markets, emphasizing how this fully electronic market can empower individuals without any interference from conventional banking systems.

Jay stresses the importance of understanding the market before diving into it. He encourages gradual investment and consistent learning, emphasizing the significance of financial education. Jay addresses the concept of crypto mining and verifies transactions within the blockchain.

The speaker covers the rapid growth of the crypto market and draws attention to the increasing number of individuals entering this domain. He also cautions his listeners about the volatility of the crypto market, using personal anecdotes to illustrate the reality of canceled orders due to supply-demand imbalances.

Jay provides insight into Coinbase’s integration with charting software, the advantages of hardware wallets, and the importance of transaction tracking. He discusses various trading strategies, analyzing past trades to elucidate his points. Jay highlights the usefulness of limit orders for automated trading and demonstrates this with examples from his trading experience.

He also touches upon the taxation aspect of crypto trading, advising listeners to consult with tax professionals. Jay elaborates on the blockchain, likening it to a safety deposit box and explaining the concept of private and public keys.

Towards the end of the session, he analyzes the trend of Bitcoin price movement, identifying patterns that suggest potential future price action. Jay ends the session by taking questions from his audience, answering a wide range of queries about trading, wallets, and future training sessions.

Crypto 101 Course 2 of 2 – $107.00

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Jay’s lecture, titled “Crypto 101 – Course 2 – The Bitcoin Academy”, covers an extensive range of cryptocurrency-related topics, including Bitcoin, altcoins, crypto trading platforms, investing strategies, and more.

He begins the session by addressing some technical challenges related to the live streaming setup, stressing the importance of audio quality and adequate technical setup. Jay also provides guidance for the audience to ensure a smooth session, asking them to save their questions until the end and be mindful of their communication etiquette during the course.

He delves into practical aspects of cryptocurrency trading, explaining how to set up a limit order and withdraw funds from exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini. Jay highlights the importance of persistence when dealing with platform-related difficulties, advising patience and continuous trying. He particularly advocates for Gemini, describing it as an excellent platform for cryptocurrency trading.

To underscore the potential of cryptocurrency, Jay cites Populous (PPT) as an example of an innovative cryptocurrency that not only offers dividends for holders but also contributes to reducing fraud in the industry. He stresses that such innovations can lead to significant power shifts in the financial sector.

Amid his presentation, Jay emphasizes the need for proper cryptocurrency education, encouraging his audience to focus on learning and gaining enough knowledge before diving into trading. He also encourages personal growth in crypto investing, arguing that it’s essential to develop one’s skills before seeking fine-tuning from experts.

Jay touches upon the explosion of cryptocurrencies, highlighting the rapid growth from 1,249 coins to 1,268 in a short period. He predicts that the number could reach 4,000 by the start of next year, indicating the potential growth of this sector.

Towards the end of the session, Jay discusses money management and risk assessment in crypto trading, pointing out that a balanced combination of wins and losses can still result in overall gains. He introduces his audience to the concept of human emotions driving market fluctuations, touching on elements like greed, euphoria, and panic. This segment of the lecture emphasizes the importance of understanding and managing one’s emotions in successful trading.

Finally, Jay concludes his course with a Q&A session, answering a variety of questions from the audience, and promising to further teach his audience about the art of trading and investing in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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9 thoughts on “Crypto 101 – Beginners Module

  1. For any newbies to this space……do not do anything until you finish this module….it’s why it’s called Crypto 101.

    Jay has been a LEVEL 5 coach and I have been with him since the beginning. So much to learn and the best coach to teach you the how and the why.

    Awesome Jay

  2. Filled with essential information, these videos give you a great introduction to the world of Cryptocurrencies. From getting started with the terminology through to how and where to buy, store, move and exchange your crypto. The videos provide a great source of reference for anyone that is new to the technology.
    I have been with Jay for the past three years, I have taken all of his courses and feel so fortunate to still be learning at the hands of a master.
    Level 5 throughout

  3. I have been investing in the markets for 50 years with mediocre to very poor results. Over the past 3 years I have taken and studied each and every one of all of these courses. Each course has given me the tools and techniques that I have immediately been able to put to very good effect. All of these, and often small, improvements have been compounding to now put me and my company into a position to be now looking at consistent and excellent returns on my investments.

  4. Yes, Im logging out as rachaelsfarm@, ; cannot pay $77.00 until March 6th. ’21 Please do regular deductions, my acct. that date.

  5. Hello, I am Myra a newbie here as a March 12 & joined the Patreon group too LOVING the Info can learning a ton
    I purchased the Crypto 101 Course 1 & 2 bundle at $210
    I would like to purchase the rest of the Trading Education Everything Bundle
    I heard Jay say to someone on the Webinar last Thursday to go and purchase the Crypto 101 then if you liked it that he would take that price off the everything bundle.

    Can I get the same, Please?

    $2095.00- $210 = $1885 for Trading Education Everything Bundle
    If so can i get it ASAP ???

    Thank You

  6. Amazing education and unique style.
    Very Very valuable.

  7. What is the price for all 18 intro classes (intro fib chart Elliot waves etc). Thx

  8. Very informative! Thanks Jay for offering the courses, etc.

  9. George, this video says it is unavailable. Tried on 2 different browsers.

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