Crypto Cyber Security Bootcamp 2021

Welcome to the Cyber Security Bootcamp. The course is broken out into 2 parts. Part I will focus on general security best practices. Part II will focus on crypto security best practices.  Each Part is broken out into separate sections. These sections include a comprehensive video at the top of the page and the outline for that section under the video.  These sections will be dripped out over time and you’ll be notified when one has been released. 

Make sure to take a break when the amount of data presented to you  reaches your saturation point. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Part I – Cyber Security

Security Bootcamp Expectation – coming soon

Securing Your Home Network – 42 mins

Safe Practices For Your Desktop & Mobile Devices – 2 hours 28 mins

Passwords & Password Manager  – 1 hour 15 mins

2FA – 2 Factor Authentication – 45 mins

Setting Up An Anonymous or Second Phone – 1 hour 2 mins

VPN – Virtual Private Networks – coming soon

Pi-hole, Why You Need One For Privacy – coming soon

Securing Your Browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge & Brave – coming soon

Crypto Cyber Security
Bootcamp 2021

Learn how to protect & secure your smartphone, computer, home network, cryptos & data from cyber threats.


Part II – Crypto Security

Hardware Wallets & 24 Words – 5 videos 

Backup & Encryption7 videos

Crypto Computer or Crypto Account? – 15 mins

Cracking Your Hardware Wallet – 15 mins

Spotting A Crypto Scam – 22 mins


Part III – Tools Of The Trade

SimpleLogin – 8 mins
How SimpleLogin has changed & increased my privacy – coming soon