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WAX Token

The video below goes into greater detail on how to set up a WAX wallet. The information below the video is an older step by step PDF series.

WAX Running on

I’ve had a few people asking for more information on how to control their WAX tokens on I’m not a big fan of the Scatter wallet and have found it much easier to control and maintain my WAX on I’ve put together a few quick documents that might help anyone who’s already converted their WAX tokens from ERC20 to the WAX mainnet.

Video on how to recover your Scatter wallet by importing your private key –

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DOS Network Staking


Thanks to Nate for this information. When you try to stake your DOS, only use a whole number to stake, don’t include a fraction of a DOS. If you include a fraction of a DOS your ETH fees might become very high.

Example – Stake 110 DOS. Don’t stake 110.25 DOS

You can use the following URL to stake your DOS ERC20 Tokens –

DOS Network Token is an ERC20 and is stored in your ETH wallet.

Just take note, you will be required to do 2 ETH transactions. The first will be to approve the Smart Contract. The second is to move your DOS to that Smart Contract and stake the coins in it. 

Don’t try connecting directly with your hardware wallet. If you are going to use a hardware wallet, use it through MetaMask.

To un-stake from the DOS Network, it will take 7 days.