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On November 12th, 2021, a snapshot will be taken of all the wallets holding $OMG on L1 and the Boba Network L2.

  • Boba Network is launching a token, with an airdrop for OMG holders who use its Layer 2 bridge.
  • The token distribution will be based on a snapshot of Boba Network users holding OMG in their wallets next month.
  • BOBA will decentralize the project’s governance and distribute a portion of the network’s transaction fees to holders.

According to a blog post announcing the airdrop, users who use the Boba Network bridge to move OMG and hold the tokens in their wallets before a snapshot date next month will be rewarded with BOBA. Seemingly, the team is hoping to incentivize users to buy OMG and interact with the bridge.

We welcome the entire DeFi and NFT developer community to build on Boba, so that together we deliver a faster, cheaper, and more delightful experience to the next billion users of Ethereum.


Boba is beta. It is not 100% stable. Let some time pass befor using it. 

  1. If you want to participate you will need to MOVE your OMG from L1 (layer 1) to L2 (layer 2) and leave them there for the snap shot. You cannot just hold your OMG in your normal ETH L1 wallet.
  2. When you move your OMG to L2 it appears to be instant. However, when you try to move your OMG from L2 to L1, it will take one week. Yes, I can feel your nerves now. 

What does the Boba Wallet look like?

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