Module 1 – Intro To Trading – Course 1



Module 1 Intro to trading/investing – 4 hours 57 mins

In this 3 part 15 hour course CryptoJay will introduce to you 19 years of experience. He will discuss why 99% of all investors loose 100% of their money. More importantly he focuses on how to keep this from happening to you. Jay coined the phrase “MASTER YOURSELF” in this module he teaches you how this is done to maximize your time and effort as a trader. Module 1 has been our most regarded module to date.

Some of the knowledge Jay discusses in these 3 courses

  1. Your personal responsibilities as an investor of any market. 20:00
  2. Why the market of today and tomorrow is Crypto
  3. What is the capacity of your brain as an investor 26:00-39:00
  4. Understanding the true meaning behind support and resistance 1:04
  5. Learn all about fear and greed 1:16
  6. Learn why and how all the top investors buy the bottom and sell the tops
  7. Why is is called the bears and the bulls 1:23
  8. Understanding the longterm bull market of Crypto 2:00
  9. Understanding the small supply of crypto
  10. Why free thinking is a must for investing 2:22
  11. Plan your trade and trade your plan 2:34
  12. Psychology of a market cycle 3:13
  13. The transfer of wealth as an investor is from the inpatient to the patient


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