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This trust class not only has up to 3 hours of informational videos, it includes a copy of the trust Jay  demonstrates. It’s  your copy to use for your own trust.

Here CryptoJay explains how to live your life with a little more privacy with the use of a trust. This is a trust you will not need a lawyer for. This is a trust you can manipulate yourself. With this template you can have many trusts that you use throughout your lifetime. And the attached video is Jay giving several hours of how he has done it for his life.

In addition we believe all Crypto investors Should seriously consider liquidating Crypto into a trust or an LLC or both. Again this course teaches you all the details you need to know.

Most people go to a lawyer and spend thousands of dollars to create their trust and then they have to rely on the lawyer to do anything in and out of the trust. With this model Jay teaches you how to do it yourself on your own

Crypto Jay’s Trust Class – 2 hours 53 mins – $487.00     

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13 thoughts on “Preview – Trust Class

  1. Very informative. Well worth the money

  2. The information in this Trust class is rare. If you have ever wondered how the elite stay rich, then you need to learn how to use your own Trusts. I have really financially benefitted from this Trust class. The biggest surprise to me is the fact that I can set up a TRUST without a Lawyer. In essence, the Trust class pays for itself because you get to set up multiple trusts at the end. I also learnt about Trustees, Beneficiaries, Successor Beneficiaries and how to retain full control over your wealth. A truly remarkable education from a coach who has ‘the fruit on the tree’ and leads by example.

  3. My advice to anyone just starting or even with experience in the crypto world: don’t make a move until you go thru these videos.

    Jay’s down-to-earth, truthful style of teaching comes from over 20 years in the investment world, but the best part? You learn how to master yourself before you can ever hope to master crypto. (That will make more sense later – trust me.

    Jay has become my coach and I trust him. I gave up chasing the next YouTube “guru” and shiny-object-syndrome. Why? Because Jay is right 80%+ and he is a no-hype, straight to the point kind of guy. His values resonate with mine, and I just flat out trust him.

    He does NOT have to do this, and for the pittance he asks for the fee – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He does this out of his genuine heart to help others become free. PERIOD.

    Thanks once again Jay for all you do.

  4. This class offers a very rare opportunity to learn how to stay rich – and take control your life and any related wealth with the use of a trust.
    More life changing information – highly recommended and level 5 throughout

  5. This information and documents to create a trust will save me so much $ and headache down the road. To know that I can easily transfer assets (that I own outright) takes a weight off. Along with my expected cryptos windfall, have my crypto accounts set up with my trust and matching back accounts will save me a lot of heartache in the future.

    Not only does Jay gives us the documents, but he gives so much of his insight and experience that he earned living life. Without crypto, this course would be still be valuable, but anyone in crypto this is invaluable.

  6. I believe this is the best class so far but they are all great. So many things in these classes have opened my mind up to greater and greater possibilities. I’m very grateful to be a part of this.

  7. We were a few months away from spending $6K with an attorney to set up family trusts when Jay offered this class. I must say, this was an outstanding education as well as a step by step guide on how to set up your own trust. We have now implemented this knowledge and will continue to use it as we finish setting up the building blocks of our family legacy. Thank you Jay for your over the top effort and I commend you on another high quality product.

  8. This class is a must. It is empowering. I wish I had the knowledge years ago. Well presented with everything you need. Very well done.

  9. We were never taught to manage our finances this way. Wow! What a class.
    So much information throughout all of his educational videos.
    Buckle in, it’s been life changing for me.
    Can’t thank you and Mrs NEO enough

  10. The Trust course was easy to understand and there were some sample forms that I can use them right away. Now I know what to do to protect and manage assets wisely with confidence. It helped me saving tremendous amount of time by just watching videos, instead of reading lots of complicated Trust books. Thank you, Jay!

  11. Invaluable! Well worth the money invested. So much more will be saved through this process. Highly recommended!!! Thank you Jay for your dedication, diligence , and honesty! First class!!

  12. Excellent course!

    I listened to it 3 times, then I created my 1st trust.

    Went to AAA to have documents notarized, and witnessed.

    Emailed documents to bank, they sent to their legal department for review.

    Legal said, “all good”.

    Went to bank next day to sign paperwork.

    Now opening another trust for use at C&B.

    Then will be moving vehicles into each of their own trusts.

    Thank you Jay!

    PS: I listened to the course 2 more times and will be doing again, and again.

    I also will be getting the trust book that Jay recommended in course.

  13. Excellent trust course and worth its value.
    I’m based in Australia and its still applicable for us Aussies. Simply filled out the trust forms at home and opened a bank account with a top 4 bank, then a Trust account with Caleb and Brown.

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